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Combining Our Innovative Home Care Solutions and Technology for Seniors in Hillsboro, OR

Find out how we integrate technology with home care solutions for seniors in Hillsboro, Beaverton, Cornelius, Forest Grove, and surrounding cities

Comfort Keepers believes in incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies to improve the transparency of senior care, eliminate social isolation, and increase engagement. Our caregivers receive extensive training in using numerous technological tools to aid in reuniting seniors with their sense of purpose and family. 

For more information on how we use technology with our home care solutions, call us (503) 558-2699 at or continue reading below!

How We Implement Home Care With Technology

The most effective home care solutions incorporate the efforts of family members and professionals to form a care team. Comfort Keepers caregivers utilize digital communication channels to inform loved ones about their condition, care instructions, service updates, and photographic documentation. Friends and relatives can monitor the loved one's physical and emotional health and the caregiver's efforts to inject moments of optimism, purpose, and joy into otherwise monotonous tasks.

Using Technology to Improve Relationships 

Email, social media, and phone calls enable many people in today's culture to stay connected to one another and the rest of the globe. When being together in the same room is impractical, using these technologies to foster connection may be just as valuable as in-person encounters.

Our in home care assistance services can help elders overcome emotions of loneliness and social isolation via innovative solutions. This may include: 

  • Utilizing our SafetyCare Products to ensure your loved one can be safe at home - even when alone
  • Shopping online for groceries
  • Scheduling and attending virtual doctor's appointments
  • Regularly scheduled phone and video calls
  • Texting to stay connected to friends, family, and community
  • Games and activities that promote cognitive function and memory

What Benefits Come With Using Technology?

Utilizing modern technology comes with a host of benefits for the senior population. It can vastly impact their quality of life by keeping them healthy and socially connected to the ones they care most about. Below are just a few benefits of integrating technology into home care solutions for seniors and their families:

  • Seniors who utilize technology and social media are shown to be less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses and experience depression than those who do not.
  • Seniors agree that using technology has made their life easier for running errands, getting medications, and finding reliable transportation.
  • Thanks to safety gadgets that notify relatives and the proper channels in the event of an accident or fall, seniors and their families no longer have to worry about being at home alone.

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