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Comfort Keepers of the Month 2020

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Bremerton, Washington.

Senior Caregivers of the Month from Comfort Keepers of Bremerton, WA

We recognize the senior caregivers that truly possess the heart of compassion for our clients in Bremerton, WA and Kitsap County

Earning the title of Comfort Keeper of the Month is no small feat. These compassionate and highly devoted senior caregivers are employees that have gone above and beyond their call to help seniors in the area. Comfort Keepers of the Month embody everything our brand stands for, including a big heart, the knack for creativity and resourcefulness, strong communication skills, patience, and flexibility. These important qualities must be demonstrated daily, in a way where our team places their client's priorities above all else.

Comfort Keeper of the Month Requirements

These Comfort Keepers embody a compassionate spirit. Going above and beyond for clients and being especially great to work with.

Hear From Comfort Keeper Michelle G.

Congratulations December 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Carriann H.

Congratulations December 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Carriann H. Since joining the Comfort Keeper Team over 3 years ago, Carriann has shown the utmost respect and admiration for each client she has had the pleasure of working with, her clients adore her, and she treats them like family. 

Carriann is dedicated and dependable, she has some of our most challenging clients and she always shows up with a smile. Carriann has a heart of gold! She makes every effort to be the best Comfort Keeper she can be and does it by bringing a positive attitude into everything she does. 

We are happy to have her as a part of the Comfort Keepers #438 team. Thank you Carriann and Congratulations!

Congratulations November 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Susan P.

Since joining our team 2.5 years ago, Susan has gone beyond expectations to provide excellent home care to our clients.  Susan possess a remarkable ability to connect with her clients’ and is very motivating. 

Susan is always wearing that ray of sunshine smile, she is giving, dedicated, compassionate, flexible and sensitive to her clients’ wants and needs. 

She is our most eccentric CK, and a great asset to our team. Thank you, Susan and Congratulations!

Congratulations October 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Jennifer D.

Comfort Keeper of the Month October Jennifer D.Loyal, dedicated, compassionate and common sense are a few words that describe our October 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month.  We are proud to have her as the face of Comfort Keepers. 

Jennifer brings her commitment of making a difference in the lives of our seniors each time she clocks into a shift.  She brings a smile, demonstrates high standards and values that provide our clients with the individual care and respect they deserve.   

Jennifer demonstrates her commitment to excellence by arriving to her shifts on time, completing her monthly training, and stepping in to help when needed to cover shifts.  

Thank you for all you do Jennifer and Congratulations!

Congratulations September 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Lindsey SC

Lindsey joined our team in July of 2019 and since day one has been a dedicated and dependable caregiver.  She is hardworking and takes pride in understanding the needs of her clients. Lindsey’s clients speak very highly of her, one client stated “things wouldn’t be the same without her. She waits for Lindsey to get there and has their game set up before she arrives. Another client’s daughter said “she is very impressed with Lindsey, she gave her a task of clearing out the craft room and she is so Thankful for all of Lindsey's hard work, the room looks great!” Lindsey’s very first and current client had this to say, "Lindsey is Top Rate and a very nice young lady, you should be happy to have her in your employee group.”

Lindsey is always willing to go the extra mile by picking up shifts when asked, she responds immediately to any texts or calls from the office and she communicates regularly with office staff about her clients.

These are just a few of the amazing qualities that Lindsey has brought to our TEAM!

Congratulations August 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Leslie G.

Leslie G. Comfort Keeper of the Month August 2020

Leslie has been with Comfort Keepers for 12 years and she brings a sense of humor and some fun to her clients thus “Elevating the Human Spirit”.  She is empathetic, never complains and has a mindset that every day she is going to make a difference in the lives of others.

Leslie is loved by her clients and their families and is always ready and willing to go the extra mile.  When asked what she loves about her job, Leslie’s response was “to me, it’s rewarding to be able to make someone’s life a whole lot easier, especially when I get them to smile.”

Leslie, you are simply amazing!  Thank you for your outstanding work ethic and your consistency in preserving the dignity of our clients while honoring and respecting them in their homes.

Thank you and Congratulations Leslie!

Congratulations July 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Tiffany G.

Comfort Keeper of the Month July, 2020 Tiffany G.We are happy to name Tiffany our July Comfort Keeper of the Month!

Tiffony joined the Comfort Keepers team in July of 2015 and approaches caregiving from a nurturing perspective, she is very mindful of her client’s needs.  She has shown an exceptional level of skills, compassion, commitment, and reliability to our clients and our company.  Tiffony continually demonstrates that she will go above and beyond for each of her clients as well as, offering great support to her fellow CK’s.

Tiffony holds herself accountable not just for the client’s care and safety, but also for their happiness.  We are blessed to have Tiffony as part of our Comfort Keepers team.  Thank you Tiffony and Congratulations!

Congratulations June 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! William P.

We are happy to name William our June Comfort Keeper of the Month!

Since joining our team Oct. 2019 William’s big heart contributes to his thoughtfulness and understanding. He continues to make a warm impression with every client he encounters.

Williams communication with the office and his clients goes above and beyond expectations. He has endless patience and more importantly, he treats his clients as an individual, seeing not a diagnosis but rather the person behind it. This is evident in a survey done by a client’s family member who wrote “Dad really looks forward to William’s visits and is glad to have William there to drive him around every week, I really appreciate William”.

We admire Williams strong work ethic and commitment to our clients as a Comfort Keeper. We are grateful to have him on our team!! 

Thank you, and congratulations!

Congratulations May 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Helen L.

We are happy to name Helen our May Comfort Keeper of the Month! Since joining our team almost 6 years ago, Helen has proven to be a reliable, flexible, and dedicated Comfort Keeper.

Helen has been able to make bonds with her clients and works hard to meet their needs.  She always has her clients’ best interest at heart. Helen communicates great with the office staff, always assuring the plan of care is updated.

Thank you Helen for your outstanding work ethic and for treating our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. We are glad to have you on our

Comfort Keepers team. Congratulations!

Congratulations April 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Alice C.

Comfort Keeper of the Month April 2020 | Alice C.

Alice first came to Comfort Keepers in 2008.  She took a break to focus on her career at Bangor. After 8 years, Alice decided that taking care of the elderly was something she missed and came back to Comfort Keepers part time.  

Her commitment to excellence is demonstrated through her attention to detail.  Alice is full of compassion and understands the needs of her client.  They have formed a special bond and we can see a difference in the clients’ quality of life.

Congratulations Alice and thank you for your positive and professional attitude.  We deeply appreciate how you uphold Comfort Keepers mission by bringing happiness back into your clients’ life.

Congratulations March 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Peggy F.

Peggy F. Comfort Keeper of the Month March 2020Peggy has been with Comfort Keepers for over 7 years and has been a stellar employee the entire time.  Peggy has taken on a broad range of clients and has excelled with each of them.

Peggy is always patient, kind and very mindful of her clients’ needs.  She is dearly loved by each client and their family members for her compassionate and competent caregiving.

Peggy is a great example of responsibility, accountability, and great client service.  She exhibits our Core Values each and every day.  Thank you for your commitment to our team Peggy and Congratulations!

Congratulations February 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Derek C.

In the short amount of time since joining our team, Derek has gone above and beyond expectations to provide compassionate, personable, and great care to each of his Clients.

Derek is dependable and reliable and rarely misses a clock-in or clock-out.  He is flexible with his schedule and will cover shifts at any hour. His attitude is always “whatever the Client needs.”

Derek’s outgoing personality and sensitivity to provide the best possible care and comfortare very important characteristics to being a successful Comfort Keeper. Thank you, Derek and Congratulations!

Congratulations January 2020 Comfort Keeper of the Month! Alice K.

Caregiver of the Month January 2020 Alice K.

Alice has been with Comfort Keepers for over 5 years.  Since the beginning, she has gone beyond expectations to provide excellent home care to our clients.  Her calming demeanor and bright smile help ensure the clients that they will be provided with the best possible care.

Alice is one of our most diligent caregivers. Flexibility and Reliability are her strong suits.  We can count on Alice to pick-up last minute shifts with minimal notice or to be on stand-by for potential clients coming out of the hospital.

Thank you, Alice, for the wonderful job you do caring for our clients and respecting the boundaries and upholding the mission and vision of Comfort Keepers.  Congratulations!