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In-Home Senior Care in Philadelphia, PA

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Wanting the best care for your elderly loved ones is natural, especially when they are struggling to be home alone for long periods of time. Whether they need assistance to take care of their personal hygiene or have issues with Alzheimer's disease, our in-home senior care staff is willing to help. All of us here at Comfort Keepers in Philadelphia, PA, dedicate ourselves to providing everything from basic personal or companion care to around-the-clock assistance for seniors in the safety of their own homes.

The Benefits of Senior Care at Home

According to the United States Census Bureau, older people are less likely to move houses than younger people. This trend means that more elderly residents will likely need more help as they age and face obstacles while navigating the layout of their current homes. Whether this includes help getting up the stairs or making meals, having a professional there with them can give you peace of mind that they are being well taken care of while you fulfill your own obligations.

When you enlist the services of a Comfort Keepers caregiver for senior care at home in Philadelphia, you can rest assured that your elderly loved one is receiving assistance with housekeeping and positioning while they sit or stand. Our staff is ready and willing to pay attention to anything these older adults may have trouble with. Feeling relaxed about your loved one's health is a great benefit of obtaining home care for seniors.

Positive Effects of In-Home Senior Care

One important aspect of in-home senior care is that your loved one will get personalized and individualized help from our award-winning staff. Having a routine in place is one way to help any senior with cognitive impairments or who is at risk of getting confused. Some seniors also have trouble remembering things or have other health problems like Alzheimer's or dementia that may require in-home care.

Having a thoughtful and compassionate caregiver there to remind your loved one of important facts, tasks, and other necessities is beneficial for their physical and mental health. Working closely with a caregiver also allows them to form a bond that can give the caregiver further insight into what your loved one needs.

Mental Health Is a Priority

Having a professional by your loved one's side to keep track of important daily tasks, such as eating regular meals and taking medications, can help older adults stay healthy. Having a solid routine in place can also reduce long-term stress for some adults. Not only is physical care a focus, but Comfort Keepers also takes mental and emotional health into consideration. We also understand that mental health is paramount when it comes to our Veterans, and Comfort Keepers of Philadelphia proudly supports our elderly Veterans with Veteran home care services. Veterans and other seniors who need mental health support, companionship, and social interaction can receive it from our family-owned services and in-home senior care staff.

We make it easy for elderly people to get this attention and help since we travel to your loved one's home to provide daily companionship and conversation. This eliminates the need for older people to permanently move anywhere else in order to get the support they deserve.

How Comfort Keepers Excel in Senior Care Services

When you choose in-home senior care from Comfort Keepers, help is available all year round, including holidays and weekends. Kind and respectful caregivers will watch over your loved one and keep them company throughout the day and night. We offer many services that will improve the quality of life of any elderly person, including help with laundry and personal grooming.

Some older people who need senior care at home may have trouble dealing with basic grooming or cleanliness without a caregiver there to guide them through the process. We take the time to respect the dignity of your loved one by helping them with these small details that can make a huge difference.

Reduction of Potential Safety Worries

Staying at home is a priority for a lot of older people since it means they can relax and live in a place where they feel safe. Part of the worries many relatives or adult children have often include problems with physical safety. If you feel scared about your loved one falling, a caring Comfort Keepers professional is aware of these dangers and will be there to watch over them.

Senior care at home in Philadelphia can also be beneficial when an elderly person is recovering from a prior fall or surgery. With post-hospital care, a caregiver can assist with basic tasks and call for more medical help if your loved one needs it. You can go to work or rest at home, knowing our award-winning staff is watching over your parents or older relatives attentively.

Unique Help for Unique Situations

When a loved one needs specific help with a physical complication or just wants to update their care plan to a different level of care, they are welcome to request it at Comfort Keepers. We have a dedication to personalizing our care for each older adult we assist. Some people may need more help with specific tasks, such as shaving or putting in dentures, while others may be more independent and only require companionship.

Our senior care at-home services are as unique as your loved one is. By talking to them and getting to know what they require, we can tailor the services they receive so that they feel satisfied and relaxed.

We can also provide respite care for family or other regular caregivers who need a short-term or extended break from their regular caregiving duties.

Attention to Overall Well-Being

Since transportation can be a tricky problem for those who cannot operate vehicles anymore, our staff is attentive to this issue and can easily give your loved one a ride to grocery stores or other places. This sense of independence is vital to living a well-rounded life. Comfort Keepers takes into account all the ways that elderly adults need support while receiving senior care at home, including social needs.

Giving them a ride to social events or other local places is another way that we go above and beyond in order to care for your loved ones. Important medical appointments are also included in this kind of transportation.

Senior Care at Home Allows Loved Ones to Thrive

When you feel concerned about an elderly loved one getting the proper nutrition, attention, and care while living at home alone, you should contact Comfort Keepers to get the help your loved one deserves. To learn more, contact us by visiting our website and filling out our helpful online form, or by calling us at (215) 672-2195.