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Why Your Family May Need Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Plymouth, Michigan.

Comfort Keepers Personal Home Care in Plymouth, Canton, and Livonia, MI

Early Signs That Your Senior Loved One May Need An Personal Home Care

A personal home care can bridge the gap between the care that your senior parent or loved one needs and the care that you can provide for them. An experienced personal home care provider can be a trusted friend and ally for your loved one and can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one has the care they need to keep them happy and safe in the home they love.

Making The Decision To Hire A Personal Home Care Provider

For families of seniors in Plymouth, the weather is one of many factors that should be considered when thinking about hiring in home care. If your senior loved one has limited mobility or can’t handle the rough winter weather in Plymouth alone any longer it might be time to think about personal home caregiver. And if you see any of these symptoms being displayed by your loved one it’s time to have a conversation with one of our caregivers about in home care for your loved one:

Social Isolation

Seniors need to get out of the house too and if you notice that your loved one starts to remain in his or her home more often or isolates himself or herself, then it is time for you to have a talk with them and even consider home health care services. Sometimes, seniors will withdraw when they start to feel sick or when they experience loneliness. A Comfort Keepers senior care at home specialist can assist with this and provide the companionship your loved one needs.

Increased Level of Forgetfulness

If you have started to notice that your loved one forgets more and more, then it may be time to seek out home care. Forgetting some things is part of the aging process, but when your loved one starts to forget to take a bath, visit the doctor, or even take their medication, it may be time to talk about Comfort Keepers senior care at home services.

Messy or Disorganized Home

If you happen to visit your loved one’s home and you notice that the garbage can is overfilled, the laundry is not done, and there are dirty dishes lining the sink, he or she may be struggling to keep up with the housekeeping. Often times, this happens when your loved one suffers from mobility issues. As a result of their condition, they are unable to care for their home.

Poor Hygiene

You may start to notice that your loved one goes weeks without brushing their hair or teeth and this is a sign that they could use help in their home. Sometimes, the reason behind this is forgetfulness and other times it is because of an underlying condition. No matter the reason, home care can help.

If you are worried about your senior parent or loved one in Plymouth, MI call one of our senior care specialists today to find out more about the benefits of personal home care for your loved one.