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Quality of Life

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Anchorage, Alaska.

Quality of Life Guide: Home Care for the Elderly in Anchorage, Fairbanks, & Wasilla, AK

Home care for the elderly experts in Anchorage, AK discuss how to improve your loved one's quality of life

Quality of life is known as your health, comfort, and happiness. Everyone has a quality of life, whether good or bad. While your quality of life does sound quite simple, there are many things that go into what makes up your quality of life, that it can be complicated. Everyone is affected at some point in time by something in their life and it may cause you happiness, sadness, illness, or not. Below, the Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly team will cover some of the areas that can affect your quality of life.

Personal Life

Your beloved senior’s personal life is those smaller moments that they experience and share with you or someone else day in and out. These moments can be something as small as finding a penny on the sidewalk to someone else holding the door open out in public. As there are good instances, there are also some bad ones too. These moments factor in our quality of life.

Family Affairs

For a family to be truly happy, they must function in a way that models this. What this means is that everyone in the family will have their needs met and that they will not need or want for much of anything. As a caretaker to your loved one, you may find it difficult to always be there for them, especially when you have your own responsibilities. Because of this, the Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly team is here to help.

Tasks Required to Function

Activities of daily living are the tasks that are completed and part of your routine such as bathing, brushing your hair, moving around the house, and eating. We often take these tasks for granted and many seniors are unable to complete these tasks.

Companionship And Friendship

Everyone needs someone there to talk to or listen to. Seniors are susceptible to loneliness and depression, especially when they are alone all day. Once these feelings start to spiral out of control, you will notice that your loved one is more withdrawn than normal, or they may not take care of themselves, as they once did. The Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly team offers companionship services to help avoid this.

Happy Right At Home

Most seniors, if asked, will say that they want to age in place and remain in their homes. The main reason for this is because they do not want to lose their independence, but they also do not want to give up the memories they made in their home either. Whether the wallpaper is outdated or the floor creaks, it reminds them of something.

Our Mission – Better Quality Of Life

Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly is committed to helping both seniors and their families function in harmony and have the best quality of life possible. Call our office at your convenience to learn more about our in-home care services, technology, and support options.