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Comfort Keepers In Home Care of Eklunta, AK

Learn more about the in home care services offered by Comfort Keepers of Eklunta, AK

We want you to realize how many options you have for personal care for your senior loved one.  While you might conceive healthcare as taking place in a facility, it can actually occur in the care receiver’s home.

We know that many people choose to keep Mom or Dad in their own homes.  This can be a big boost in morale and that in turn improves overall health.  Additionally, in home care is so personalized and individualized, with the caregiver being able to focus solely on your family member who’s receiving the care.

We have caregivers who serve the Eklunta Area.  They are professionally-trained and experienced.  Comfort Keepers will begin the process with an in-home consultation in which we thoroughly discuss how to best meet your senior’s needs.

Over the course of the in home care, the caregiver will provide personal care that is as comprehensive and hands-on as necessary.  We find that in many cases, the job of our caregiver is to give supportive companionship.  Our staff is happy to spend time with your Mom or Dad, swapping stories, looking at old photos, etc.  This is so important for your loved one’s emotional wellbeing, which is key to physical wellbeing.

This companionship can take place all over the Eklunta/Anchorage area, too: transportation is a key component of what Comfort Keepers provides.  We are your loved one’s ride for day-to-day errands, visiting friends, attending senior activities, or getting out for some recreation.  Our caregivers are personal tour guides for Eklunta.  They’re used to going out with clients to great restaurants or to destinations such as Thunderbird Falls. 

We believe that outdoor mobility is as important as in home mobility for your senior.  Exploring the community keeps them young at heart, and that’s what Comfort Keepers is all about.

As you can see, we provide companionship and a wide variety of assistance for Dad or Mom.  Yet, you can rest assured that our caregivers also deliver more involved personal care and assistance in basic activities around the house—whatever’s necessary.  It depends on the needs of your family members.

This personal touch is what sets Comfort Keepers apart.  And now that you are aware of the in home care options available to you, you must be relieved and quite pleased.  So, don’t hesitate to find out how we can help.