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An In Home Caregiver Is More than Just Another Pair Of Hands

You senior can travel throughout Columbus, OH with help from an in home caregiver

Wanting to get out and about is a natural human instinct at any age. Many seniors living in and around Columbus Ohio, though, choose to stop driving or lose the ability to drive. One of the many duties of an in home caregiver is to offer a chauffeuring service for seniors who still want or need to be mobile.

Friends and family play an important role when it comes to driving elderly relatives around. In many cases the family is not free to drive a loved one around when they most need it. This is typically during the day when others are working or at school.

Taxis offer a useful service, but they're not ideal for everyone. Some older people don't like the idea of getting into cabs alone with strangers.

Transportation Solutions With An In Home Caregiver

Our Comfort Keepers are not only caregivers, they're also trusted friends. Or at least a trusted caregiver becomes friends with clients and their families after a time. A trustworthy senior caregiver also provides peace of mind for families and care recipients.

The seniors of Columbus, OH, like to maintain their independence. Thanks to our transportation solutions they get to do just that. Here are a few examples of how we help our older clients:

  • An in home caregiver can drive your senior safely in Columbus, OHIncidental transportation: two and from appointments
  • Help to schedule and keep medical appointments
  • Collect prescriptions, shopping trips, running errands
  • Visit friends and family
  • Chauffeur clients to events
  • Other driving duties passed on to the in home caregiver

The list may vary depending on the needs of the care recipient. Sometimes a caregiver will drive alone to run errands and pick up prescriptions, etc. Other times they will drive their clients and accompany them as they go about their business.

Flexible Caregiving Solutions

Not all transportation solutions involve driving. There are many circumstances where the client can't walk, or walk far, but still wants to get out and about locally. In these cases wheelchair assistance is an invaluable service, and one that Comfort Keepers of Columbus Ohio is proud to provide.

Having flexible solutions for transportation offers essential assistance. Seniors who don't have access to transport—or very limited access—can become frustrated, isolated, and lonely.

Problematic Cases

Transporting an aging loved one with physical disabilities can bring other challenges. So can driving folks who suffer from forms of dementia, but it doesn't have to be a fulltime struggle.  Our professionally trained Comfort Keepers in Columbus Ohio know how to manage all such situations. And we do this with selfless care and compassion. What seems like a frustrating struggle with a well-intentioned family caregiver is second nature to our qualified professionals.

Transportation services are just a tiny part of our full range of senior solutions offered by the in home caregiver. Whether you need full time support or just a few hours assistance each week, we can help.  Our full comprehensive range of care services include:

  • Aged care: in all its forms
  • Domestic help around the home and garden
  • Nursing Care/ Disability: certain areas only
  • Personal care: bathing & grooming, transfer and positioning, etc.
  • Meal Preparation: including special diet
  • Respite care: much needed break for family caregivers
  • Social support and encouragement
  • Transportation: driving, wheelchair assistance

Contact us to learn more about how an in home caregiver can help you or an ageing family member live a more fruitful life at home. Call us at (614) 699-6786. A care coordinator will be happy to set up a free consultation in-home care transportation solutions. You may also discuss any of our other services you have a potential interest in.




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