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Essential Products for Senior Home Health Care

Comfort Keepers is a remarkable business model for senior home health care. Our extensive range of care products makes life safer and easier for seniors. This gives great peace of mind for both the elderly relative and their loved ones. There have been a lot of technological advances in home health care devices and accessories in recent years. These are products that offer ageing parents and relatives finger-tip solutions. Popular devices like the PERS, (full name 'Personal Emergency Response Systems'), are a godsend to seniors living at home alone. All it takes is the quick touch of a button to notify the 24/7 support help services.

Push-button, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are available in the following options:

  1. From a console (table top) device 
  2. A pendant or necklace
  3. A wristband or bracelet

Which device someone uses depends on the person and the most practical solution for their needs.

How Senior Home Health Care PERS Devices Work

The principle behind the PERS devices for seniors is simple. The moment the client pushes the alarm button it alerts a professional care worker at a 24/7 central monitoring center. Some devices even establish an instant two-way audio connection to the monitoring station. It's not only useful in case of a medical emergency either, though that alone is a blessing. The other invaluable use of PERS for senior home health care is the medication reminder service. For a lot of older folks, it's crucial that they take their medication on time, every time and at the right dosage. The care professionals at Comfort Keepers deliver these medication reminders via the PERS device.

Along with our instant response devices in senior home health care products, we also have other accessories to complement PERS. There are the pressure sensitive mats for patients who are most at risk of falling. We can also fit CO2 and smoke detectors and wireless home security cameras for those who request them. These are all things that can improve safety and security indoors. They offer real solutions and peace of mind for seniors at home and their close relatives.

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