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When It Comes to Incontinence Care at Home in Westerville, OH Count on Comfort Keepers to Help

One of the hardest parts of providing incontinence care at home for seniors is getting them to open up and talk about it. Most seniors tend to be very embarrassed by their adult incontinence and try to hide it from their family and friends. Sadly, many end up spending most of their lives at home fearing they might lose control of their bladder or bowels in public.

How many people in the US have adult incontinence?

With 25 million Americans living with adult incontinence, you might think that incontinence care at home would be a hot topic. Unfortunately, the stigma and shame that seem to go hand in hand with incontinence seems to have cast a massive shadow of secrecy over the entire topic.

Not One, Not Two, But Six Types of Adult Incontinence

The average American thinks there are only two types of adult incontinence, a leaky bladder or leaky bowels. Before you can start your search for incontinence care at home that matches your loved one's needs, you must first determine which of the SIX types of incontinence they have. Choose from:

  1. Mixed Incontinence I – a mixture of both stress and urge incontinence.
  2. Mixed Incontinence II – a mixture of both emotional and physical stress.
  3. Stress Incontinence – caused by coughing, sneezing, or bending over
  4. Overflow Incontinence – occurs when something blocks the person's urinary tract, preventing the proper flow of urine.
  5. Functional Incontinence – the person doesn't realize it's time to go to the toilet.
  6. Urge Incontinence – or an overactive bladder results from involuntary muscle spasms.

Adult Incontinence Can Strike as Early as 40 Years of Age

Contrary to popular belief, adult incontinence is not a condition reserved just for seniors, it can affect adults who are in their early forties. The National Association for Continence completed a survey in which they found that one in five adults over the age of 40 was living with some form of incontinence that requires them to investigate the various types of incontinence care at home options available to them.

Age is certainly one factor that can lead to adult incontinence, but there are several other factors that also play a part in causing this difficult condition. Among the most common of these are:

  • An irregular bathroom schedule
  • Underlying medical issues
  • Various medications
  • Too much stress
  • A poor diet

Is There Anything That Can be Done for Those Living with Incontinence?

Before you start looking at the different options for incontinence care at home, you and your loved one need to visit their doctor to make sure there isn't an underlying medical issue that may be the cause of their incontinence. Once you have ruled this out, you may be able to help them by making changes to their diet or encouraging them to exercise. You might also consider getting your loved one on a regular toileting schedule.

What Kind of Help Can a Comfort Keepers Caregiver Provide?

Every member of the Comfort Keepers caregiver team is trained to provide your loved one with a variety of personal care services, including providing them with incontinence care at home. Your loved one's caregiver can help by:

  • Teaching exercises that help such as Kegels.
  • Connecting them with support groups.
  • Monitoring food and drink intake.
  • Developing a bathroom schedule based on monitoring leakage.
  • Helping plan outings by locating restrooms along the way and at their destination.
  • Providing emotional support.
  • Assisting your loved one with toileting.

Any Efforts at Providing Your Loved One with Help Starts with a Chat?

Although your loved one may not want to talk openly about their incontinence, it is the only way to get them to accept any type of incontinence care at home. Keep in mind that:

  • Your conversation should be at a place and time both of you can agree on and where you can talk in private.
  • Since your loved one is already embarrassed, take things nice and slow so as not to make them feel any more uncomfortable than they already do.
  • Trying to cajole your loved one into accepting help will only make them more determined not to.

We recommend the following websites where you will find plenty of information on adult incontinence and finding the right incontinence care for your loved one:

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