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Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults
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In-Home Senior Care in Carrollton, TX

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Caring for a senior loved one presents many challenges. You and your family members may find yourselves feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility. Senior care at home from Comfort Keepers provides abundant resources and empathetic support when caring for an aging relative.

How Senior Care at Home Works

Home care for seniors gives elderly folks a chance to remain in their homes and delay or avoid institutional living. An aging person may struggle with daily activities or chores. An extra pair of hands or eyes and ears from an in-home caregiver is often enough to meet a senior's needs.

Senior care at home involves various services, including light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and companionship. Nonmedical home care for seniors in Carrollton can be an essential lifeline that helps foster independence and boost the quality of life for your elderly loved ones.

Why Families Use Home Care for Seniors 

Many of the professionals at Comfort Keepers are individuals who have cared for aging parents and relatives themselves. They understand the burden that comes from trying to maintain vigilance over a senior with declining health.

Many people assume that the only available assistance is some sort of medical care. They don't realize that nonmedical senior care at home is available, often much more practical, and oftentimes all that's needed to keep seniors safe and happy.

Remaining in one's home typically results in physical, mental, and emotional benefits for senior citizens. In-home senior care allows older loved ones to age in place and enjoy their cherished residences for as long as possible.

Why In-Home Senior Care from Comfort Keepers Is a Cut Above

We commit to Interactive Caregiving and base our services on four pillars:

  1. Keeping seniors mentally active for a happier, longer life

  2. Promoting physical activity to encourage strength and independence

  3. Ensuring a healthy diet

  4. Preserving a safe home environment to reduce the odds of accidents and responding promptly to any injuries or illnesses

Comfort Keepers' commitment to providing top-notch senior care at home has led to consistent rankings as the top home care provider in customer service surveys. These rankings are just one more sign of how we work to elevate the human spirit with our care.

We aren't content to only help a few folks here and there. We work in 12 countries at a total of 700 locations to provide superior senior care for local seniors in each area. We're ready to help your senior loved ones with in-home care services in Carrollton, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Our Interactive Caregiving Commitment

Interactive Caregiving is our trademarked term for holistic attention to the body, mind, and spirit. We want to help our clients do things instead of doing everything for them.

The relationship becomes collaborative and encourages engagement and active participation, which are crucial to a more fruitful life.

Our focus on companion care makes us different from other services. No matter the task, our senior care at home encourages a bond between the caregiver and client that lifts everyone's spirits.

Interactivity includes the family. Family members work with our team to create a personalized care plan for the client that meets their needs. Our caregivers all have a deep, personal investment in each individual and want to deliver the best experience.

Services Families Can Access With Senior Care at Home

Comfort Keepers offers a wide range of assistance for seniors. Discover which of the following will serve your family best:

Personal Care Services

Personal care refers to a full range of services to fulfill daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. This care may include more specialized assistance with bathing and grooming as well.

Personal care can also include assistance outside of the home to keep a senior physically and emotionally active.

Technology Tools for Easier Monitoring

Technology allows the Comfort Keepers team to deliver better assistance than ever. When a person receives senior care at home from us, the family stays connected and aware of the circumstances surrounding their loved one.

We provide a free online portal where families can view updates about their loved ones. You can view the current care plan, daily activities, and rapid alerts.

If your parent or loved one has a fall or other issue, you will know immediately and receive continual updates. You also have the ability to make requests or ask questions of your loved one's caregiving team.

We also help seniors themselves use the technology with GrandPad, a senior-friendly tablet with assistive technology. Now your loved ones can connect more easily through calls and video chat. They can also get online and check the news or the weather easily, and a compassionate caregiver won’t be far to help out if needed.

Access to Transportation

Eventually, driving becomes a challenge, and seniors need a lift. At age 79, individuals must renew their licenses in person and pass vision or other tests in Texas. At 85, driver's examinations can occur nearly every year.

An older person may not want to keep driving or may not be able to. However, many areas lack sufficient public transportation, or a senior may live too far away to access it conveniently. Other types of transportation may be expensive or unsafe for many seniors.

With our in-home care services in Carrollton, your loved one will have access to transportation around town. Giving those without a license a way to travel keeps them active and safe.

Rides are an added benefit to our senior care at home and can involve:

  • Errands and shopping

  • Appointments

  • Social visits

  • Family visits

Not only do your loved ones get back and forth safely, but they also do not have to worry about straining to bring in a load of groceries or other items alone. Senior transportation is one of our clients' favorite features.

In-Facility Senior Care Services

Our focus is senior care at home, but that doesn't mean we leave your loved one alone if they need to enter a senior facility, whether permanently or temporarily. Our uplifting senior facility care in Carrollton provides exceptional care to those in senior facilities.

With our in-facility senior care services, we work with care teams at the facilities to ensure your loved one's care remains the best. We are available for any supplemental assistance as we collaborate with the family and keep seniors socially connected.

Our expert senior facility care services ensure your loved one gets personalized one-on-one care and attention while residing in a senior care facility. 

24-Hour Care 

Another of our specialized offerings is 24-hour care and live-in care services. This full-time support can be temporary or continuous. You don't have to worry about medication and tracking reminders, meal prep, or necessary companionship while our team works around the clock to provide constant care. 

Our 24-hour senior care and live-in care in Carrollton provided at the home of your loved one can also be an excellent solution when a full-time family caregiver needs a welcomed respite for a vacation or a weekend getaway. 

End-of-Life Care

Comfort becomes a priority as the end of life nears. Most people want to spend their final days at home. When a loved one has a limited life expectancy, Comfort Keepers provides the compassionate end-of-life care they need.

For example, a family often wants to focus on getting the most out of their final days with a loved one and may need more practical help than a medical service offers. We work with the family and the medical team to continue your arrangements for senior home care.

Assistance with meals, homemaking, and general moral support can be a godsend in these difficult times. Comfort Keepers answers the call.

Keep in mind that we can continue to offer assistance after your beloved relative or friend passes on. Organizing belongings, locating personal items, and lending a listening ear are readily available from our staff.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Home Care Services

One common challenge of aging is Alzheimer's and dementia. These disorders involve more than simple forgetfulness. Struggles may include needing assistance with toileting and coping with personality changes.

Your loved ones have the support they need to deal with cognitive issues when receiving our dementia home care in Carrollton. Our caregivers receive specific training to assist with the effects of these cognitive disorders and strive to provide the very best in in-home Alzheimer's and dementia care.

All our caregivers demonstrate sincere empathy and patience. The attention of a trained Alzheimer's and dementia care professional will help adapt a home to meet your loved ones' needs and keep the environment healthy and safe. 

Respite Care for Family Members

Caring for an elderly family member can eventually become a full-time job, and relatives may not have enough time or energy to provide sufficient care. As a result, caregivers can be in significant danger of burnout. We offer respite care in Carrollton to help caregivers get necessary relief.

Our senior home care is flexible and allows you to schedule as little or as much time as necessary. Because of our experience, we can step in and take over duties quickly, as well as offer valuable pointers.

Post-Hospital Care

After leaving the hospital, clients can need extra support to ease the transition from hospital to home. Our caregivers can be there when your loved one returns from a hospital stay to ensure they are recuperating properly and healing as they should. Proper post-hospital care in Carrollton is important to avoid readmission and ensure a full recovery for your loved one. 

Mental Health and Wellness Support

Comfort Keepers remains focused on offering practical head-to-toe assistance. We understand that new mental and emotional health issues can arise with age and significantly impact a person's quality of life. This can be especially important for our Veterans in the Carrollton area. Comfort Keepers proudly provides in-home care services in Carrollton to help those who have valiantly fought for our country. 

We provide resources that offer practical support to families. Touching personal stories offer encouragement and remind families that they're not alone in their struggles. 

The Best of Senior Care at Home With Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers provides the best in senior home care in Carrollton and the surrounding areas, and we are ready to help you right now. Fill out our convenient online form or call us at (972) 573-4100 so we can help you evaluate your next steps for providing compassionate care to your senior loved one.