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Holiday Stress Management

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Westerville, Ohio.

Managing Holiday Stress In Westerville, OH Seniors

For more years than most of us care to remember families across America have been driving to their grandparents, for the holidays. This can be a great time to create new family memories, reconnect, and reminisce, but for many seniors, it can a time of extreme stress.

Growing older for many seniors means slowly getting into a routine that moves at an increasingly slower pace. The sudden "onslaught" of family, noise, chaos, can completely disrupt their world. This can lead to high levels of stress, confusion, and exhaustion for grandparents, family members, and their senior caregivers. These tips may help make the holidays less stressful for everyone this year.

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Everybody Cooks

Instead of expecting grandma to do the cooking, have everyone who is coming bring a particular dish and plan for those who are going to handle the cleanup at the end of the day. This will help cut down on the stress and give grandma time to spend with the family instead of in the kitchen.

Hold the Noise

To much noise and chaos can be very hard for seniors to cope with. Kids will be kids and noise will ensue. But if you have an outdoor activity or somewhere you can take the crowd for a little while, it will give grandma and grandpa chance to catch their breath and maybe even take a nap.

There Is More to the Holidays than Gifts

Living on a fixed income can be stressful enough, but when they have to start trying to figure out how to pay for gifts, stress levels can become overwhelming. Try a no-gift holiday, where everyone spends time reminiscing instead of spending money they don't have because tradition says you must. Gift the gift of love and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Check-in On Grandpa and Grandpa

Make sure you check in on grandma and grandpa from time to time. Look for signs of boredom or tiredness. Maybe they just need something to do to help out, or perhaps this would be an excellent time to take everyone out to give them a break.

Don’t Try to Do It All

As the primary family caregiver, it is easy to become overwhelmed, at Comfort Keepers we offer respite care services that can be there to help. They can help with chores around the house, preparing for the holidays, and give you a chance to take a break.

While putting together your plans, be sure to pay attention to the details, it is possible to make subtle changes to traditional plans without grandma and grandpa noticing. A little extra effort on the "QT" can make for great holidays. Be sure to also work with their senior caregivers so they are also on the same page.

For more advice or a little extra help during the holiday season, contact us online anytime or give us a call.

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