Grand Junction, Colorado
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Grand Junction, Colorado
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Call (970) 232-2165 | 514 28 1/4 Rd Ste 5, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 Coronavirus update
514 28 1/4 Rd Ste 5, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Grand Junction.

Comfort Keepers Reviews in Grand Junction

From seniors to their families to our support team and caregivers, we have an incredible network of exceptionally caring people who chose Comfort Keepers. Read more about what people are saying about Comfort Keepers in reviews for our in-home care, employment, and local franchise ownership.

I like Comfort Keepers because they come to your home and introduce themselves before bringing a caregiver to meet you in person not just send a stranger to your door. If you aren't happy with the person they bring then they will bring someone else until you are satisfied and are sure you are compatible. I like how they call now and then to make sure everything is going ok. They show that they care about you. If your caregiver can't make it then they are very quick to get someone else to your home. I find great comfort in the companionship I have with my caregiver. I am so glad that I chose Comfort Keepers.


We are more than pleased with services that Comfort Keepers offer. And our son Cardell is as well, along with his wife, Vicki. We would recommend their services to anyone.


I found Comfort Keepers a great help right after my hip surgery, for showers, dressing etc. Their help with housework has kept me from worrying about that and from bending over and stressing the hip unnecessarily. I find Isabel a joy to be around, a willing worker, quick to look for someway to help. She follows instructions well, keeps the Comfort Keepers rules and is trustworthy. She, Joan and Samantha have most nearly filled my needs. She is good company to chat with-which we all need. She has always been right on time. Yes, I would recommend Comfort Keepers.


Comfort Keepers has made our transition to home health care very pleasant. We know we can rely on the daily care Keith gets. This is mainly due to Sharon, who is always on time and pleasant to both of us. She is an excellent home care person. Yes, I would recommend Comfort Keepers. I have told many about the excellent care.


Lucy is very prompt and dependable. She does everything we ask of her more. She is very friendly and we enjoy her company. She is a good example of why we like Comfort Keepers.


My worker is prompt and is familiar with what needs to be done and does it. I don’t have to worry about anything. She is a god-send to me and I'm extremely happy with her and I would be lost without Elva. She does a great job. I would most emphatically recommend Comfort keepers.


Juanita is very considerate, neat, clean, we had a lot of fun joking together which is a pleasure.


Convenient, qualified caregivers, prompt, caregivers is very personable , communicate well.


I have FINALLY found a decent home-health agency! It has been my quest for over 20 years in finding Comfort Keepers, but I have them now and I am keeping them! At first, about 2 1/2 years ago when I found them, they couldn't completely accommodate me and my needs. I had to be patient until they could completely put me on their radar. Then once there, and since, I have been considered at all times and always made to feel I'm their top priority. For the most part they have sent me qualified workers who have been really nice to be in my home with me. And some have been GEMS! They are clean and respectful and do things my way (after telling them how I like things done -- it's a two-way street!) and I am respectful back. I look forward to the knock at my door whenever they are scheduled. And the workers are on time and stay their full 3 hours. The office staff and caregivers have clear lines of communication and when I call the office I know my needs will be seen to right away. They are pros! Don't hesitate calling them if you are sick of the runaround with home health care companies -- I feel you will be pleasantly surprised. Just give them a little time to tuck you under their wings!

Lucy Roucis