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Starting the Conversation

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Starting the Conversation About Elderly Health Care with Your Loved One in Sioux Falls, SD

Discover inspiring, tactful ways to initiate the conversation about elderly health care with your elderly loved one in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas of South Dakota

Following the realization your loved one may need professional elderly health care to continue living independently at home, the next step is to take on the daunting task of speaking to your loved one about the matter. While the prospect may seem overwhelming, you can make this process easier for everyone involved by following these valuable tips that can ensure the upcoming conversation about scheduling elderly health care services goes as smoothly as possible. If you'd like to discuss this topic further with our team in Sioux Falls, call Comfort Keepers at (605) 638-9791.

Elderly Health Care Timing 

Though it is important to find the right moment to relay your concerns, it is probably best to get things off your chest as soon as possible. Ideally, your loved one should be physically and mentally sound so their needs can be communicated most effectively. As it often happens, seniors may feel somewhat resentful towards their family members when they think their wishes are not being heard or respected. Discussing these issues at the right time may be the best way to avoid any hard feelings from the get-go. 

Location is Important

Just like any important family meeting, conversations about elderly health care should take place in a private setting. Probably the best solution is to opt for a place where your loved one will feel comfortable. For this reason, consider inviting them over or, even better, setting up a meeting in their home.   

Choosing a Leader

Although you should include everyone who is genuinely invested in your loved one’s wellbeing, designating a person who will speak on behalf of the family and relay all the facts can help this relatively unpleasant conversation move forward in a positive way. Setting up a pre-conversation to establish who that person might be is a good idea. Though everyone should make their opinion known, it is best to have that one person speak for the family and clarify specific details. 

Showing Support

Being there for your family matters. Participating in the conversation instead of being a passive listener will unequivocally show your loved one you care about their future. Make certain you involve anyone who is close to your mom or dad and may be affected by decisions you are trying to make. This will let your loved one know they are not alone and that everyone present only has their best intentions at heart. This can make all the difference. 

Do Your Research 

Before discussing any elderly health care options with your loved one, make sure you get all the information you need. Without any doubt, Comfort Keepers is one of the best resources at your disposal in Sioux Falls, SD. Our friendly staff is available 24/7 to answer questions and address any concerns you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us today and learn more about how we can help: (605) 638-9791.