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Respite Care Provider in Twin Falls, ID

A Comfort Keepers respite care provider can give you the time you need to refresh and recharge

There is nothing like the feeling that comes with being able to care for an elderly loved one. However, taking on the role of family caregiver also means taking on a lot of extra work. In a recent study by the AARP, it was found that the average family caregiver spends more than 40 hours every week taking care of their loved one.

The AARP study also found that:

  • Partners spend an average of 44.6 hours caring for their spouse or partner
  • Family caregivers spend over 41 hours caring for a loved one
  • Average time spent caring for a loved one approx. 24.4 hours

You're Doing Your Best

We know that you are doing your best to care for your loved one along with all the other tasks you have each day. This is probably one of the hardest jobs you've ever had and there is no harm in asking for a little help. This is where having a respite care provider from Comfort Keepers of Twin Falls, ID comes in. Our caregivers are amazing and love what they do. They are trained to provide your loved one with personal care while helping you and the rest of your family with a little light housekeeping.

Whether you need help at short notice for a family emergency or one that comes on a regular schedule, we can help. You can even have one of our caregivers come in when you need a little time for yourself, something we highly recommend.

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What Does a Respite Care Provider Do?

You put in a lot of time and hard work caring for your loved one, but the time you take often means other things or people don't get the time they need. This includes you; everyone needs a little downtime. A professional can come to your home (or your loved one's if they aren't living with you) and relieve you.

You can use the time to catch up on a little rest, take care of personal business, take the kids out to a movie, maybe even have a "date night" with your significant other. The time is yours to do with as you please. Why not spend a few hours at your favorite spa or salon? There is nothing wrong with indulging in some well-earned self-care.

Our Caregivers Are the Best

At least in our opinion and that of our clients and their families. We choose our caregivers very carefully. They must have the right compassionate attitude and training. For your peace of mind, every respite care provider is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Time to Talk

If the time has come to talk about bringing in a professional to help with your loved one, it means your loved one must be ready to accept their help. This means the time has come to have what is often a very difficult conversation. Often the hardest part of the conversation is getting started.

These tips may help:

  • Be sure you listen to their concerns and points of view
  • Do your homework and be ready to offer several options and any potential senior care schedules
  • Be sure you emphasize the fact that you are not going to abandon them and that you will continue being their primary family caregiver.
  • Use questions designed to guide your loved one to the "right" conclusion
  • Focus your conversations on the many benefits for both you and your loved one
  • You must realize you aren't likely to succeed after the first conversation
  • Make your questions as directly as possible
  • Choose the place and time to talk very carefully

Getting the Right Help

We know that you and your elderly loved one have established a routine that includes making sure they get the best care. But, will our respite care provider honor this and provide the same high level of care? The best way to find out is to arrange for your free care consultation with one of our senior advisors. They will arrange for you to meet several of our caregivers so that you and your loved one can choose one that you feel comfortable with.

The role of our team is to supplement, not supplant the care you are providing your loved one with every day. Use the time they are with your loved one to recharge your batteries, this can make you a better family caregiver.

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