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Adult In Home Care For Seniors Who Need Mobility Assistance in Woodland, CA and Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers offers mobility assistance as part of our adult in home care services in Woodland, CA

One of the main reasons why seniors move to assisted living facilities is limited mobility. When older adults have difficulty walking, use walking aids or are bedridden, this may seem like the most sensible option. However, for seniors who wish to age at home despite mobility problems, Comfort Keepers offers a solution.

Our adult in home care services are designed to help seniors with a myriad of conditions and problems, and limited mobility is one of them. Our caregivers are trained to provide gentle, compassionate, and most importantly, proper mobility assistance as well as transferring and positioning. With our services, your senior loved one can safely remain living at home and enjoy an elevated quality of life too.

Mental Benefits of Mobility Assistance

The physical benefits of receiving mobility assistance at home are obvious. With adult in home care, your loved one will get assistance with daily tasks, prevent the risk of falls and other accidents, and be able to safely engage in outdoor activities. However, what is equally important is that this service provides valuable mental benefits too.

Seniors often feel frustrated or even anxious that they have to sit at home all day, every day. Not being able to do what they love, see family and friends when or just go for a walk whenever they feel like it can take a serious toll on their mental health. With mobility assistance from Comfort Keepers, your loved one will enjoy the companionship of a devoted caregiver, stay connected with their local community, and tailor their schedule as they see fit.

Part of a Comprehensive Care Plan

Mobility assistance is just one service we provide within our extensive adult in home care plans. Our caregivers can provide a wealth of other services that make life at home more comfortable and enjoyable. Some of our services include medication reminders, meal preparation, light housekeeping, running errands, grocery shopping, personal care, and transportation.

To ensure our clients regain their independence and feel 100% satisfied with our services, we never offer one-size-fits-all care plans. Knowing that each client has his or her own needs, limitations, requests, and wishes, we customize our plans and make sure they work for the seniors we care for.

If you would like to learn more about our adult in home care, including what services we offer in Woodland, how we choose caregivers, what are hourly rates are, and much more, please contact us today at (530) 285-1603. We are happy to answer all your questions and get you started with our care!

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