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Nutrition Made Easy With Senior Care Service Woodland, CA and Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers senior care services offer feeding and special dieting in Woodland, CA

Adhering to a restricted diet is quite common in senior years. A professional dietitian or a nutritionist often develop a wellness plan for seniors that includes dietary recommendations, outlining limits of what foods to consume and what to refrain from or at least limit. But, for aging adults who live alone, keeping up with these recommendations can be far from easy.

Comfort Keepers can offer a solution and support meal plans that accommodate special dietary restrictions. Our senior care services are geared toward helping your loved one eat nutritious, well-balanced meals and properly manage their diet.

Medications Make Things Complicated

Taking certain medications comes with food restrictions or causes sensitivities and side effects that may interfere with appetite. To make matters worse, medication errors present a serious health concern that can jeopardize a senior’s well-being, especially for those afflicted with memory loss and physical impairments.

For this reason, your parents might want to consider asking their physician to propose an adequate nutrition plan, account existing or potential sensitivities, and recommend the desired course of action regarding their ideal diet.

A great way to resolve some of these concerns is to opt for senior care services from Comfort Keepers. We will work with you to tailor a plan of care and provide your loved one with tasty, nourishing, compliant meals every day. In addition to meal planning and preparation, our dedicated caregivers will provide medication reminders and make sure your parent always takes their pills on time and in the correct dose.

Calories and Convenience

We understand how difficult it can be for aging adults to maintain proper nutrition when living alone. For instance, your Mom or Dad can find it too hard to spend hours in the kitchen on their feet preparing warm meals. Instead, they might want to opt for something more convenient but totally unhealthy – living on fast food, heavily processed and packaged food, or frozen TV dinners. As it is very important in senior years to maintain the right calorie and nutrient intake, we can help Mom or Dad to re-organize and get on the right side of healthy eating.

Professional Opinion

At Comfort Keepers, our job is to make sure that recipients of our senior care services get the nutrition they need. When necessary, we collaborate with professionals in the diet and nutrition fields. This access to knowledgeable individuals enables us to address all special dietary restrictions and nutrition needs of those in our care.

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