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Seasonal Depression

Published: Jan 16, 2013

How to fight post-holiday blues

All of the presents have been unwrapped, every Christmas cookie has been eaten, and New Year’s resolutions have already been broken. Now what is there to look forward to? Many people after the holidays suffer from post-holiday depression. During the holidays, we are swept up in the festivities, reunions with family members and friends, and the extra days off of work. Now we are back to not seeing family as much as we would like and working every day. It’s a harsh reality to be thrown back into and for some people, it is a difficult transition.

There are several ways to help fight off post-holiday depression. One way is to throw yourself into something new, such as an activity you have never done. It will get you out of your element and take your mind off of things. Another way is to volunteer in your community. Many people try volunteering during the holiday season, but what they do not realize is that people are in need 365 days of the year. Giving back your time to help the less fortunate is a great way to not only help people but to be thankful for the things you have in your own life. Another great way to break from post-holiday depression is to stay socially active. Meeting with friends for lunch or inviting a family member over for tea and cookies are great examples of making a small effort to see friends and family.

However you go about preventing post-holiday depression, remember that you are not alone in feeling this way and in most cases, it is a temporary state. The best thing to do is to get your mind off of the holidays and keep moving forward!


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