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Call (614) 300-1022 | 3974 Brown Park Dr Suite E, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 Coronavirus update
3974 Brown Park Dr Suite E, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 Coronavirus update

Employment Process

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Hilliard, Ohio.

Comfort Keepers Employment With Our Senior Home Care Agency In Hilliard, OH

Learn more about our senior home care agency and Comfort Keepers employment process for hiring new caregivers in Hilliard, OH.

Our Hiring Process

We truly appreciate your interest in working as a caregiver for Comfort Keepers of Hilliard.  Our senior home care agency is very excited to learn more about your talents, experiences, and reason why you want to help care for individuals in our community.

Comfort Keepers of Hilliard was founded on a primary principle of “Treating others how we would like to be treated ourselves.”  Comfort Keepers treats all employees and staff with the utmost respect and expects the same in return. We only hire adults and individuals we feel have the right moral character to become a great Comfort Keepers caregiver. If you feel you do not possess the qualities we are looking for, Comfort Keepers senior home care agency will most likely not be the right organization to suit you as an employee.  

The first step in seeking Comfort Keepers employment is to spend some time reviewing our website to learn more about our care philosophy and what it means to be a Comfort Keeper caregiver.  Once you know a bit more about who we are and what we do you can apply online. Please review the entire job description of the current job openings prior to submitting your application.

The Next Steps

Once we have received your application it will be reviewed by our hiring managers within one to two business days. The hiring process depends heavily on our clients' needs and your skill set.  We will follow up with those individuals we feel would be a great fit for our company and clients. If your skills and availability seem to compliment our current hiring needs you will then be invited to our office for an interview with the owner of Comfort Keepers senior home care agency.

The Interview

The interview itself will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. You will be asked to complete a few forms that will allow our owners to get to know you better.  The forms will include an accurate and up to date availability sheet, previous employer information, background check authorization and employment reference release forms.

Important Tips

  • Be honest about your availability. We do not allow new hires to change availability in the first 90 days of Comfort Keepers employment.
  • Bring drivers license, social security card, and proof of car insurance with you.
  • Be prepared and punctual.  We typically will not reschedule an interview.
  • Don't arrive more than 10-15 minutes early for your scheduled interview.  You are welcome to wait in our parking lot if early.
  • Use Google or MapQuest to find our office address (3974 Brown Park Dr Suite E, Hilliard, OH 43026).  Click here for Map and Directions 
  • When you arrive feel free to park in any open parking spot. The office door is located with a side entrance which does not directly face the parking lot.   

Post Interview

Those individuals we feel would be a good fit for our organization will be called back within 24-48 hours after a preliminary background and reference check has been completed.  There is no need to call and check on your application during this time.  If you receive a call back you will be invited to a 2nd and final interview.  If you feel this process seems a little extensive, please keep in mind that this is our best way to determine your true interest, if you value our process (show up again), and if we will be a good fit for one another. Understand we are only hiring the best individuals. Each one of our clients deserves the very best care possible. What type of individual would you want caring for your loved one?  

Post Hire 

Once a formal offer of Comfort Keepers employment is made with a candidate, we will schedule an orientation day at our office.  You should feel very proud of yourself that you were offered a position at Comfort Keepers of Hilliard.  We are extremely selective in our hiring process.  We are not your typical agency that is willing to just hire anyone and everyone.

Orientation will focus on your roles and responsibilities, client rights, privacy practices and effectively working with your clients and your support staff in the office.  Initial training will also be incorporated into orientation to discuss basic safety measures, proper body mechanics, wheelchair usage, and how to set up and perform safe transfers.  This is just the start of your training with Comfort Keepers of Hilliard.  At Comfort Keepers, training is an ongoing process throughout your time with us.  We can never stop learning!

Comfort Keepers caregivers will be given instructions to complete essential online training prior to working one on one with clients.  Depending on the level of care required by your client we may also schedule you to shadow one of our caregivers to learn more about your clients' unique care needs. Additional hands-on personal care training may also be offered in the office to individuals lacking knowledge or experience or feel a refresher course is needed.

Annual training courses will be assigned to you, as well as, offering supplemental training to any caregiver expressing a need or interest in further development.  Additional or supplemental training could include disease-specific training, online elective training, video tutorials or information from monthly caregiver newsletters.

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