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A Wide Variety of Home Care Options For Seniors in Flint, OH

Do You Know What Type of Home Care Your Senior Needs?

Searching for home care for an aging family member is typically a new experience for most people and not an easy one. It can be hard to admit that the parent who picked you up when you fell, and was there at every one of your important milestones is the one that needs you to be strong now. Part of finding the right care for your senior is being able to assess what level of care they need- to know what they can safely handle on their own, and what they need help with. Seniors are often hesitant to have others come into their homes and fear that they will lose their independence, so they can be somewhat resistant to the idea.

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What Type of Care Do We Offer to Flint, OH Seniors?

There are no set levels of home care, but there are a few different ways of looking at and assessing what your loved one needs. Take a look at the health of the senior involved. Is their overall health deteriorating or are they simply aging? Do they have special needs or mobility issues? Are they able to care for their own personal needs and can they do any of their own chores? Are they able to drive and finally are they isolated or do they have plenty of interaction?

Comfort Keepers Can Fill in the Gaps

As you start to determine the areas where your loved one is lacking, Comfort Keepers of Columbus, OH can help you to fill in the gaps. Perhaps your parents simply cannot do the laundry or cleaning chores anymore, and one of them was injured trying to do so. Maybe one parent is ill and the other is trying to shoulder the load on their own? There are many different reasons why you may be seeking care for your loved ones and this is why there are no set levels of care at Comfort Keepers, but customized plans made for each one of our unique clients.

If you are not sure if your loved ones need home care or are not sure how much care they need, we can help. Comfort Keepers offers free in-home consultations that will evaluate your senior’s health, lifestyle, social life, and their environment to determine what sort of help would benefit them the most and how often. From light housekeeping and errands to full time nursing care, we can cover almost every need your loved ones might have.

Your Path To Quality Care Starts Here

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