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Call (919) 432-4596 | 1616 Evans Rd #103, Cary, North Carolina 27513 Coronavirus update
1616 Evans Rd #103, Cary, North Carolina 27513 Coronavirus update

Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

Let our caregivers help where it matters most with a unique care plan adapted to your needs

Assisted Living at Home in Cary, NC and the Surrounding Area

Comfort Keepers assisted living includes transferring and positioning services make living at home easier for seniors in Cary, NC

There are many things that come with aging, some good, some (like being able to move around the house) are not so good. If you or a loved one wish to continue living independently at home, but find moving around difficult, our assisted living services include transferring and positioning.

Our skilled Comfort Keepers caregivers are trained to assist seniors in moving about their Cary, NC home safely, helping to reduce the risk of injuries due to falls.

The Ability to Move is Vital

For an elderly person to live by themselves in the home, they raised their family in, and they must be able to move around their home safely. Whether it's from the bed to the toilet or into the kitchen to make a meal, you must be able to move about freely. The transferring services that are included in our assisted living program.

With our caregivers' help, there will be: 

  • Fewer risks while moving about the house thanks to a skilled and steady arm.
  • Fewer reasons to avoid certain tasks such as bathing or cooking. Our caregivers can assist with these tasks and ensure they are accomplished.
  • An increased ability to continue with the chores and daily tasks, knowing help is at hand. Our caregivers are always happy to help and keep the conversation flowing.

Keep Bed Sores at Bay

Of the many issues, the formation of bed sores that come from being stuck in bed or a comfortable chair for extended periods can be the most challenging. Not only can bed sores be painful, but they can become infected and require medical attention.

At Comfort Keepers, our caregivers are trained in positioning services designed to help seniors move around in their bed or chair. This will help reduce the risk of bed sores.

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A quality assisted living plan can be a vital part of seniors being able to continue living independently at home. To learn more about our transferring and positioning services, contact Comfort Keepers of Cary, NC. We can schedule your free in-home consultation with a compassionate and knowledgeable senior care advisor to discuss your needs or those of your loved one and create a working care plan that meets them.

Give us a call at (919) 432-4596 to learn more!