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Comfort Keepers in Greater Cary, NC, Offers Elder Care Services Integrating Technology

Seniors in Cary, NC, can rely on our elder care services for assistance using modern technology.

Comfort Keepers uses cutting-edge technology to improve care transparency, eliminate social isolation, and increase involvement. To help elders and their families feel more connected and fulfilled, all of our caregivers go through extensive training. For additional information on using technology in our living aid services, please call our office at (919) 432-4596 or continue reading below.

Helping the Elderly at Home with Technology

Home care programs that are most successful when families and caregivers work together as a senior's integrated care team are most likely to succeed. The Comfort Keepers caregivers' internet portals allow family members to stay up to date on the health and well-being of a loved one. Caretakers and family members can keep tabs on their loved one's physical and emotional health and well-being, as well as the caregiver's progress in implementing the customized elder care plan.

Using Technology to Build Relationships and Increase Participation

In today's culture, many of us stay in touch with one another and the rest of the world via email, social media, and phone calls. In the absence of an in-person meeting, these tools can create a sensation of proximity that can be just as beneficial.

Seniors' mental and emotional well-being depends on maintaining close relationships with family and friends. Older adults, without a doubt, gain from being able to communicate with others. Reduced cognition and sadness are two of the many consequences of being alone from people. Our elder care services can help older adults overcome loneliness and social isolation emotions by providing unique alternatives. The following are possible scenarios:

  • Regular phone and video calls
  • Using texting to keep in touch with friends, family, and the greater community
  • Memory and cognitive function-improving games and activities
  • More people may participate in online activities such as music, dance, photography, and other hobbies than ever before.
  • Use our SafetyCare Products to keep your loved ones safe even when alone in their own house.
  • Involvement in the preservation and dissemination of family photographs and records
  • Buying groceries over the internet
  • Making and attending virtual doctor's visits

The Benefits of Technology for Seniors

There are numerous advantages to using modern technology for the elderly. Keeping them healthy and socially involved with the people they care about can significantly impact their quality of life and their happiness. In addition, it can allow family caregivers a respite from their caregiving duties while preserving their personal life. The following are some of the benefits of using technology in elder care services for seniors and their families:

  • Social media and technology use among the elderly has been linked to lower chronic disease and depression rates.
  • Technology has made it easier for seniors to run errands, get their prescriptions, and get to their appointments.
  • Many games, apps, and streaming services are available for older people to pick from in modern technology.
  • No longer are seniors and their families concerned about being left alone at home due to technological devices that alert family members and relevant channels in the case of an accident or fall.

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