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In-Home Senior Care in Cary, NC

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Every day in America, millions of people are trying their best to provide the kind of assistance for their older loved ones that will keep them living in their homes longer. Yet this kind of activity takes a toll on these caregivers because, among other reasons, they don't really have the proper training to provide the level of care that their loved ones need, especially when things like dementia or Alzheimer's are involved. Providing senior care at home when you're a family member doing it out of love can leave you feeling overwhelmed and, at times, frustrated, leading to your own health issues.

What Does It Take to Provide Senior Care at Home?

When a grown son or daughter provides in-home senior care, they usually do so with a fierce devotion born of familial love and a noble sense of responsibility. However, they often lack the training and the resources—not to mention the time and energy—to provide an appropriate level of home care for seniors. There is little doubt that most would go to any length to help their loved ones maintain their independence, but it doesn't take long to realize just how big a project it is to look after another person who is not able to see to their own needs. That's where Comfort Keepers comes in.

What Will Comfort Keepers Bring to the Equation?

At Comfort Keepers, our mission is to provide high-quality in-home senior care in Cary to those who wish to preserve some measure of independence and remain in their own homes. We also want to provide their families with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones are safe and happy.

By offering senior care at home in Cary, we aim to address the needs of our clients on a holistic level, meaning that we assist with their physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. When we begin working with our clients, a care coordinator will spend time with the seniors, their families, and, in some cases, other healthcare professionals to create a highly individualized care plan that addresses the client's specific needs.

At that point, one of our dynamic, compassionate caregivers will begin working with your loved one, carrying out the details of the care plan. The caregiver might visit them on a weekly or daily basis or might spend nights in their home with our 24-hour care services, depending on their needs and the level of care outlined in the plan. It's important to note that the care plan is a fluid document that can be changed according to the wants and needs of the client.

If you are a regular or family caregiver of a senior and would like to continue giving care but need a break to recharge, we can step in with respite care services for as long as you need to rest and take some time for yourself.

What Are the Dimensions of In-Home Senior Care?

Providing senior care at home means helping them with different parts of their lives. Whether it's assisting with laundry or light housework or sitting up with clients in the middle of the night when they are experiencing restlessness, a caregiver's job is to be exactly what the client needs, exactly when they need it. There is also a familial component to the work because of the logistics of working so closely with one another.

Companion care

Companion care involves helping the client with their physical needs as well as providing them with companionship. This includes helping with meal planning and preparation and even eating meals together. The goal is to provide our clients with a diet that is both healthy and tasty and addresses any salient concerns, like diabetes or high cholesterol. Other examples of companion care services include:

Personal Care

Personal care involves providing support for intimate daily tasks, such as toileting, bathing, dressing, and grooming. To us, a big part of offering home care for seniors is helping them feel good about themselves. What they used to be able to do easily, such as prepare themselves for the day, often becomes a series of overwhelming tasks. Our caregivers will style and brush a client's hair, apply makeup, shave with an electric razor, or help a client brush their teeth or dentures in order to make them feel proud when they look in the mirror.

Other types of care we offer that involve a more physical aspect of caregiving are post-hospital care and private-duty nursingThese services come in handy with clients who have just been discharged from a hospital and need an extra hand for recuperating at home or who have a medical condition that needs consistent care while still allowing the client to remain independent in their home.

If your loved one is already residing in a nursing home, medical facility, or assisted living establishment and needs more personalized care and attention, our caregivers can provide in-facility care.

Emotional Care

When people get older, they necessarily spend more and more time at home. There can be many reasons why people shy away from social engagements. Exhaustion may be a factor, as one may become confused during conversations or not be able to hear well. We've found that clients come to view their caregivers as allies who help them be brave and put themselves out there more often than not. The caregiver validates their thoughts and feelings and engages in all sorts of conversations. This validation is a serious trust-builder and bonding agent.

What Do We Look for in Our Caregivers?

It takes a certain kind of person to offer excellent senior care at home. They must be compassionate and empathic people, which is why we screen for this during our application process. Because they are responsible for their clients' happiness and well-being, they must be good listeners and highly responsive. Our caregivers are as adept at meeting the physical needs of their clients as they are at meeting their emotional needs.

A refrain that we often hear from our caregivers is that when they're with their clients, it's like being with family. Such is the nature of the work. They may find themselves chit-chatting over dinner or having a deep conversation about life. Sometimes, they offer advice, and other times; they just listen with a kind and open heart.

Do You Need Senior Care at Home for Someone You Love?

Delivering senior care at home takes proper training, experience, and, above all, a big heart. At Comfort Keepers, we understand how important it is for seniors to be able to stay in their homes and how important their happiness is. Every aspect of our in-home care in Cary aims to ensure those two things are maintained. Contact us today at  (919)-650-2784 to learn more about how we can bring our knowledge, compassion, and experience to help your older loved one live more comfortably and maintain their happy life at home.