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Private duty nursing at home offers an alternative to an assisted living facility for seniors with complex medical needs. Comfort Keepers of Redbank provides private duty nursing as part of our in-home care services. These services are designed to take the caregiving burden off family members, letting you spend more quality time with your loved one. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are well taken care of by highly trained and experienced professionals.

What is a Private Duty Nurse?

Just like a nurse that works in a hospital setting, a private duty nurse is a registered health care professional who has been licensed by the state. They will either have a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical /Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN) designation, and they will have passed all necessary testing requirements as well. Our private duty nurses have also been carefully selected and trained in providing excellent service at home. All of this allows them to offer one-on-one medical care for seniors who have decided to age in place.

What Services Can a Private Duty Nurse Provide? 

A private duty nurse can carry out a range of medical tasks, and their role is adjustable to the needs of your loved one. For most seniors, a private duty nurse will first and foremost help your family members adhere to their medication schedule. They can administer medications in various forms, including inhalants, injections, eye drops, and topical creams. An at-home nurse will also perform basic health monitoring. This includes using equipment like heart monitors and oxygen trackers to keep tabs on vitals. 

Private duty nurses provide more involved medical services as well, including urinary catheter maintenance, colostomy care, and ventilator care. They can also perform bandage changing and other types of post-operative support. Private nursing care is particularly beneficial in the management of conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer's, and dementia, helping seniors with these conditions remain at home for as long as possible.

While a private duty nurse is caring for your loved one, they can also provide them with basic hygiene and grooming services to keep them looking and feeling good. This may include tasks like nail trimming and oral cleaning. Our experienced nurses are committed to comprehensive and compassionate care when working with your family members, always ensuring that they feel safe and comfortable. They can teach you how to offer better at-home care, as well.

How to Decide If Private Duty Nursing is a Good Option for You 

There are many reasons why an elderly family member may prefer to age at home, including wanting to stay in a familiar environment and maintain a sense of independence. However, they might also have medical needs that exceed the abilities of family caregivers and that a traditional caregiver is also not qualified to carry out. The services of a private duty nurse will allow your loved one to stay at home and receive necessary medical care at the same time.

Private duty nursing is an excellent complement to traditional in-home caregiving. You can hire someone to look after your loved one's daily needs, such as transport, mobility assistance, and meal preparation. Also, a private duty nurse takes care of the more complex and involved medical tasks, ensuring that they are carried out safely and correctly.

Talk to an Experienced Professional about Private Duty Nursing Today

Private duty nursing can make it possible for your loved one to stay in a familiar environment where they are surrounded by friends and family. In turn, you can take comfort in the fact that their needs are being well looked after by a thoroughly trained and qualified nurse. Comfort Keepers of Redbank provides high-quality private duty nursing services in combination with our in-home care solutions. Our nurses are capable of attending to all of your loved one's needs and can accommodate any schedule that works best for you.

To speak to someone about private duty nursing services in Redbank, NJ, you can contact our office today at (732) 564-7187.