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Testimonials: Expert Elder Care Services in Red Bank, NJ

What People Are Saying About Our Elder Care Services in Red Bank, Shrewsbury, Jackson, and Freehold, NJ

For those considering elder care services for their aging loved one, quality and caring are some of the most important factors in determining which care provider to choose. We take great pride in the reputation for excellence our industry-leading care has earned us. Each of our caregivers is carefully selected, trained and vetted to provide our personalized help for seniors that ensures quality of life, safety and independence for our many happy clients. Not only do our care services help to assist seniors during difficult periods of their lives, the people who provide that care often become friends, companions and family to those seniors. Strong bonds and genuine caring are hallmarks of our care and culture, as well as critical components to keeping your senior loved one healthy and safe.

Our elder care services are 100% customized to meet your loved one’s individual needs and can be changed at any time to accommodate evolving health circumstances, schedules and living conditions. We work with your loved one’s doctor, specialists and family to make sure that all of his or her health needs are being met.

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of elder care services provided by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover our services and choose to become a caregiver themselves. We pride ourselves on the valuable feedback our clients provide. Learn more about what our satisfied clients are saying about us today in order to make the most informed decision about your care. We look forward to working with you and improving your loved one’s quality of life.

To find out more about how your senior loved one could benefit from our elder care services, Contact us today or call us at (732) 530-3636.

They have been providing excellent service to my 93 year old Aunt for two years. The staff goes out of their way time and again to make sure the client is receiving the BEST service available - even during the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Staff is always only a phone call away if there is a question or problem, which is a great stress reliever for a caregiver. I sincerely hope they know how appreciative I feel about the quality of their service.

P. Nugent

Many thanks, to Cherie and the office staff, for stepping up to the plate and helping me with this situation. Your responsiveness and care--especially from the standpoint of picking him up at the hospital and transporting him and his vehicle down to his home--shows your compassion, caring, and dedication to your clients. My gratitude obviously extends to the caregiver as well. Well done! The balance between providing care and maintaining dignity was well maintained.

Mark D. - North Carolina

I am completely satisfied with the services we have. I wouldn't even think of shopping around for better prices because they provide the best service available. I would even be willing to talk to people about this service and help them make the decision. I have nothing but good to say about this company.

Arline P. - West Long Branch, NJ

The agency has always been able to maintain their caregivers and make sure they are as consistent as they can possible make them. That is a blessing to my wife because of her condition and she has benefited from the agencies services greatly.

John J. - Freehold, NJ

This is a great agency to work with. They are thorough with their work and always listen to your questions and concerns.

Jeanne E. - Freehold, NJ

They have a very personal touch. The people are lovely and very accommodating. When I call, if they can't answer my questions, they get back to me very quickly.

Tim N. - Wayside, NJ

There are so many good things about the services that it is hard to say one specific thing, but I really do like that the agency is available at any time of day if I have any questions. They always go above and beyond helping me if I have any kind of problem. They are always very helpful.

Patrice N. - Toms River, NJ

I would say that they are excellent caregivers and are a great agency to work with.

Sharon C. - Jackson, NJ

They were very explicit on what was going on and what was going to happen. Jim is great and the caregiver who takes care of my dad is just fabulous!!

Bernadette K. - Neptune, NJ

The agency is very accommodating, and I can always get a hold of them.

Joan G. - Ocean, NJ

I would recommend this agency because I'm pleased about everything and the workers are great!

Dorothy K. - Middletown, NJ

I know they are insured and I know we feel very comfortable hiring them, they are just very good. I know that if I were to have a problem with something I could just call them.

Barbara G. - Lakewood, NJ

They are on time and neat. They pitch into to help in whatever way that they can. I think that they are a wonderful agency.

Judy B. - Long Branch, NJ

It's being able to be out of state away from a situation and know that they will have someone there and do the best that they can, they have nice people. I'm sure it's not an easy job and it's hard to keep reliable people. Comfort Keepers knew that they needed to do everything for my mother. We had a video camera in my mom's living room so that we knew when we could call her and that caregiver was always right next to her. Me and my siblings always agreed that Comfort Keepers was a lot better than a nursing home, the house never smelt, there was no smell of urine, the caregiver never smelt, my mom never smelt she was always kept immaculate. I'm not afraid to speak up if there was something wrong and there was never anything wrong with the agency or the care my mother was receiving.

Hannah L. - South Carolina

The caregivers have taken care of my wife well at home and now here in the nursing home. They are very dependable.

James M. - Neptune, NJ

The staff gives me all kinds of advice. They have walked us through it and have bent over backwards to help us get my parents on board with what is going on.

Joseph S. - Oceanport, NJ

I would absolutely recommend them. The agency is very responsive and thorough. I've had a very good feeling with the agency. I had a great time with communication and openness. Everything was really good!

David H. - New York, NY

I would definitely recommend them because my caregivers do what I need and pay attention to me.

Blanche S. - Marlboro, NJ

I appreciate that they are very professional! The person I have now is wonderful! She takes me wherever I need to go!

Nancy R. - Matawan, NJ

It is a great organization and does what they say they would do.

Pat T. - Morristown, NJ

I really have loved their accessibility and their availability. They're always there!

Karen M. - Manchester, NJ

The people are compassionate, they are attentive, and they are very thorough. The people that they have hired as caregivers are well trained, and you can walk away from the person that needs the care knowing that they are well tended to.

Ceil R. - Sea Girt, NJ

They are excellent! Everything is done in a timely manner. My caregiver takes good care of me. They have excellent services!

Kent R. - Wall Township, NJ

My mother's insurance agency gave us some suggestions. I found that Comfort Keepers were very knowledgeable. They were very pleasant to talk to. They were very accommodating. They were very helpful from the start. They worked around our schedule, and they went to rehab to talk with my mom personally. I was pleased that if she was going on part-time care that they were willing to split shifts.

D.S. - Eatontown, NJ

The caregiver is attentive to her work towards my husband. When she feels like she can get other things done like house keeping or laundry. And she goes above and beyond in housekeeping.

Theresa S. - Sea Girt, NJ

I'm very satisfied. This is a very professional company and very attuned to the client's needs. If I've had a question, it's always been answered in a professional, courteous manner. I'm very satisfied at this juncture.

Kevin W. - Neptune, NJ

I would be very likely to recommend Comfort Keepers, because they are trustworthy. The personnel from the owner to the caregivers are pleasant and cooperative. The billing seems to be going smoothly.

Denise S. - Wall, NJ

They are a very dependable, helpful, and trustworthy agency.

Edith R. - Freehold, NJ

They are in it for our satisfaction. I appreciate that they're going through my mother's insurance company, and then charging what's left over. The other company we had used charged my mother and had her figure it out. They have been wonderful! Right now, my mom is ill, and we feel very confident in Comfort Keepers. They are helping my mom.

Debra S. - Eatontown, NJ

There is nothing I can say bad about my caregiver. She is the best!

Marie S. - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

I would recommend Comfort Keepers. I would tell them that they are reliable. They should try them out.

Gail M. - Lakewood, NJ

The regularity is great. I have my caregiver come, and she works well with me. She is interested in anything I am doing. If I feel like cooking a little bit, she helps out there. If I want to straighten up a little bit, she helps with that. She is a good helper.

Rosemarie M. - Lakewood, NJ

The best part of the service is their reliability! They do a very good job!

Loretta C. - Marlboro, NJ

This is the best agency that I have been able to find! their overall service was better than other agencies

Donna R. - Shrewsbury, NJ

have had to rate everything a ten, because the service is outstanding.

David V. - Hazlet, NJ

I would recommend this agency for home care because the caregivers are well trained so we provide good care to our clients.

Anonymous care provider

This is just a family away from family! You are helping people and seeing the satisfaction of seeing that these people get the service they deserve. You are building relationships for life.

Anonymous care provider

The caliber of the staff members makes the service good quality. They are all well trained and qualified. Comfort Keepers has the client's best interest at heart!

Anonymous care provider

I recommend everybody to work here! I always open my mouth like crazy to recommend this agency! If it wasn't a good company, I wouldn't recommend it.

Anonymous care provider

I would tell a friend that they are very nice and accommodating and I am very comfortable with them. They care about their employees and clients.

Anonymous care provider

I enjoy the work that I do! The client I work with is really great as well. He is funny at times and we enjoy old music together. I am comfortable working with him.

Anonymous care provider

This is a great company to work for. They have monthly meetings that they encourage all of their employees to attended which is nice because we have the opportunity to get to know our coworkers.

Anonymous care provider

They take their time with the training, and they make sure that I know what is required of me. They also try to make me feel comfortable as an employee in the client's home.

Anonymous care provider

The staff are great listeners and they understand their clients' needs

Anonymous care provider

I have recommended people here because they are a good agency! They are easy to get along with and they give you good cases. They keep you busy.

Anonymous care provider

I would reccomend the servies to a potential client because they provide competent care and the ability to communicate with the people in the office is great.

Anonymous Care provider