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Care Management in Flathead Valley, MT

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Kalispell, Montana.

Care Management in Flathead Valley, MT

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Care management refers to activities and comprehensive services that help clients manage their overall daily care needs. These services may include wellness management, appointment setting for medical visits, elements of safety care, personal care, and companion care, as well as continued communication with family members. Many families struggle with when the best time is to enlist the help of Comfort Keepers for senior care at home, but this course of action may be the best way to improve your loved one’s quality of life. It’s also a generous way to show how much you care.

What is Care Management?

Care management refers to the management and keeping track of overall client wellness. With this service, our compassionate, skilled team will advocate for the client, ensuring management of acute conditions, critical care needs, and the organization of doctor's visits and other necessary appointments. Our skilled team will accompany your loved one to the appointments and be another set of eyes and ears in your stead. This critical and sensitive service involves our team working together with primary and specialty care doctors, as well as the client and their family, to ensure the client is being cared for in the best way possible. This is exceedingly important to improve the overall outcome of in-home care and the satisfaction and health of the client. We understand that every client is unique and no two care management plans will be the same. 

With care management in Flathead Valley, MT, our skilled team will accompany your loved one to doctor's visits, urgent care facilities, and specialists. They will remain with them throughout each one to better understand the overall picture of health for each client. This service also includes managing their care calendar, including making appointments for your loved one and ensuring they get there on time as well as medication organization, prescription pick-ups, and reminders to take the medication at the prescribed times. Care management is a holistic approach to making the senior's life easier, so scheduling home repairs and other necessary things that the senior may not want to or be able to keep track of are also included. 

We will always treat your loved one as if they were our own family member, and we will ensure to keep in touch with you as well as anyone else you ask us to inform on the overall wellbeing of your loved one as often as you like. We will be happy to give updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as you see fit. This continued communication is a pivotal part of our care management service.

The Benefits of Care Management

It’s natural for people to lose some of their independence as they grow older. Tasks that used to be easy for them gradually become more challenging or even dangerous for them to do on their own. If you have a loved one who’s in this stage of life, it’s important to help them enjoy the highest quality of life into their golden years and beyond. One of the best ways to do this is by considering our Care Management services for senior in-home care.

Before investing in non-medical home care service for a loved one, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of such a decision. Comfort Keepers' senior care management services at home have a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Companionship

  • Reduced stress and worry for loved ones

  • Improved quality of life

  • Greater feelings of independence and freedom

But one of the top benefits families cite for investing in care management and home care services for their senior loved ones is the peace of mind it brings. It’s relieving to know there’s someone looking out for your loved ones and taking care of their basic everyday needs.   

What to Expect From Comfort Keepers Care Management Services in Flathead Valley

Comfort Keepers offers reliable, non-medical care management services to help seniors feel valued and engaged while still maintaining the independence of living in their own homes. When you entrust your loved one to our care, you can rest assured that we’ll provide professional-level service with a personal touch. The types of services we provide will depend on your loved one’s unique needs. We take a completely personalized approach to our care management for seniors.

Our highly-trained and compassionate skilled team can give your loved one an invaluable gift: the opportunity to remain at home for as long as possible by helping them with their care schedule and completion of daily tasks. With more than two decades of experience helping seniors maintain their safety and independence through our services, you can trust Comfort Keepers to help your loved one in any way we can. We pledge to care for your loved one as if they were a member of our own family. We believe every older adult has earned the right to enjoy their senior years in the comfort of their own home with the convenience, comfort, and safety provided by our qualified, skilled team.

How Care Management Can Help Your Senior Loved One With In-Home Care

There are many ways we can help your aging loved one enjoy their beautiful senior years. We invite you to select from our available home care services based on your loved one’s specific needs. Here are some of our senior care at home programs and the services associated with each.

Companion Care

Older adults who experience social isolation and feelings of loneliness are more at risk of certain health effects such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, heart disease and cognitive decline. For the sake of your loved one’s physical and mental health, it’s important to ensure they feel companionship. Comfort Keepers offers companion care services that can fill the need for meaningful cognitive, social and emotional engagement later in life. With one of our skilled team members by your loved one's side, you can feel confident that they are being well taken care of and their care schedule is being managed properly by someone who has developed a genuine, caring relationship with your loved one. 

Our skilled team routinely provides or facilitates the following companion care services:

  • Visiting with family and friends

  • Playing games

  • Reminiscing with old photos and videos

  • Putting together puzzles

  • Attending community outings, doctor's visits, and other appointments

Many families think that companion care simply involves being there in the same space with your loved one. While this is included, our skilled team provides so much more than their presence. They take the time to learn more about the clients in their care and go out of their way to help them feel loved and valued.

Personal Care

If your loved one is struggling to perform basic tasks like using the bathroom, getting around the house or preparing meals, our personal care services can help. Our skilled team can assist with needs such as:

Our skilled team is always respectful and helps clients feel dignified in every situation. They know how to minimize embarrassment so commonly associated with assisted bathing, using the bathroom, or other intimate needs.

Safety Care

In addition to providing world-class care management, Comfort Keepers also offers a variety of SafetyChoice products that can help keep your loved one safe when they’re alone. These products include home monitoring systems, personal emergency response systems, and medication safety and management solutions.

All of these tools and resources are designed to help give you and your loved one peace of mind. They can allow for graceful aging at home while keeping your loved one safe from common risks such as missing an important dose of medication or being unable to flag down help after falling. SafetyChoice products can also be used as part of any Comfort Keepers care management approach.

Schedule a Consultation for Leading Care Management Services in Flathead Valley

Care management may be the key to helping your loved one live a long and fulfilled life at home. To learn more about the senior care at home services as well as care management services we offer or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.