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We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

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Kalispell's Trusted In-Home Dementia Care Services by Comfort Keepers

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We are aware of the difficulties faced by families who are providing care for a loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer's disease, especially when it comes to making sure they are secure in their own homes. Our compassionate dementia caregivers in Kalispell provide seniors with the mental, physical, and emotional support they need, enabling them to preserve their independence and lifestyle without moving into an assisted living facility. 

Your loved one can stay in the comfort of their own home with the support of Comfort Keepers. Our goal is to provide seniors in all situations with essential and deserving Alzheimer's and dementia care. You can feel at ease knowing your loved one is being cared for by hiring a skilled in-home dementia caregiver, giving you peace of mind in their comfortable surroundings.

Our Alzheimer's and dementia care plans include:

  • Highly qualified in-home caregivers

  • Education to better understand the effects of dementia and Alzheimer's disease

  • Activities that are tailored to the interests of the senior to keep them active physically and emotionally

We are aware of the signs of dementia, how it alters behavior, and how each person's rate of progression varies. Our committed caregivers develop and adhere to an individual care plan emphasizing physical and mental needs and goals. 

What is Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?

Alzheimer's disease or dementia is a mental decline that includes memory loss or the inability to complete routine tasks. This is often severe enough to affect a person's day-to-day activities. 

Most dementia cases in the US are the most common, Alzheimer's disease. By emphasizing the tasks that seniors with these symptoms can still complete on their own while getting support with the ones that are more difficult, our in-home senior care services aid them. 

Our specialized dementia caregivers in Kalispell will:

  • Support seniors and their loved ones as dementia-related behaviors evolve

  • Prepare nutritious meals

  • Offer help with personal hygiene, including bathing and grooming

  • Participate in the senior's favorite activities

  • Ensure their home is safe and secure

Our care plans for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's can be adjusted as needs vary. We can care for just a few hours a week or full-time, always considering the senior's present abilities and preferences. 

Types of Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

Remaining in the comfortable surroundings of home for seniors with dementia has numerous advantages. Seniors who experience cognitive decline undergo other frequent changes as well, such as changing their daily habits. Both the seniors and their loved ones may find this to be stressful. 

From necessary companionship to post-hospital care, Comfort Keepers offers a wide range of care services to meet the individual needs of every senior. Our Alzheimer's and dementia care services in Kalispell include:

Companion Care

People with dementia or Alzheimer's disease frequently experience loneliness and boredom. Seniors who feel lonely may develop other behavioral problems like anxiety, wandering, and agitation. Our companion care services offer seniors additional household assistance and emotional support. 

Personal Care

Seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's disease frequently experience difficulty with routine duties like grooming and bathing. While many seniors find discussing personal care sensitive, our caregivers are skilled at assisting with daily tasks while being sympathetic. For your loved one to look and feel their best, we can assist with grooming, bathing, toileting, and anything else they may need. 

Post-Hospital Care

The healing process does not end when a senior is discharged from the hospital or goes home following surgery. For seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's who have problems adjusting to new routines, this can be very difficult to handle independently. Our specialized in-home caregivers can help seniors return home after a hospital stay. 

24-Hour Care

Everyone, especially seniors showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer's, can benefit from round-the-clock care. Seniors frequently sleepwalk or wander through the night as the condition worsens. 

Seniors who need ongoing assistance from our caregivers can get it whenever they need it. Our caregivers are available to provide companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, and personal care routines as part of our 24/7 care services in Kalispell

Respite Care

If you are not familiar with the condition and how it affects a person's mental state, it can be challenging to provide a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia with the appropriate care. 

In order to give family caregivers time to unwind, run errands, or take a vacation, our caregivers can fill in for them. When you are unable to be there for your loved one, we can provide respite care for however long is required. 

Our Dementia Caregivers in Kalispell

We constantly include seniors in their care plans using an interactive approach to caring to make sure they are satisfied with the care they receive. In addition to assisting seniors with daily tasks, we also include activities that fit their distinct personalities and that they love. These activities include:

  • Spending time outdoors

  • Enjoying fresh cooked meals together

  • Playing games or listening to music

  • Looking at old photo albums

  • Having conversations over a cup of coffee

Are You Ready to Learn More About In-Home Dementia Care Services in Kalispell?

Determining when a senior needs an in-home caregiver might be difficult at times. Let's say your loved one exhibits abrupt behavioral changes, has trouble speaking, or struggles with routine tasks. It could be time to seek help from a senior home care agency like Comfort Keepers.

Your loved one can feel at peace using our service, knowing that they will receive the care they require and be able to remain in their own homes. Moving to an assisted living facility is typically the last thing someone wants to do after receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia because of all the changes that result from it.

Seniors in Kalispell, Bigfork, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls with Alzheimer's or dementia can receive in-home dementia care services from Comfort Keepers. Call us at (406) 755-4030 to learn more about our staff and our services, and we'll set up a free in-home assessment with one of our care coordinators.