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We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

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24 Hour Home Care for Seniors in Kalispell, MT 

Comfort Keepers Home Care is dedicated to providing exceptional 24 Hour Home Care for seniors in Kalispell, Polson, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and surrounding areas 

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If your senior loved one needs more assistance than a caregiver can give in a single shift, Comfort Keepers 24-hour care may be the best option for you. Our devoted caregivers will work in alternating shifts to make sure that your loved one is never left alone. While they heal from surgery, recover from a hospital stay, or simply require additional care, we are committed to providing outstanding levels of care for a few days or long-term. At Comfort Keepers, we provide specialized 24-hour care in Kalispell, Bigfork, Polson, Columbia Falls, and the surrounding areas.

Our Approach to 24-Hour Care

Comfort Keepers is aware that providing ongoing care requires an attentive and thorough approach to in-home care. Our caregivers are dedicated to providing individualized care to seniors who need help with activities of daily living, and they often build meaningful friendships with their clients along the way. Here are just a few advantages of using our 24-hour care services in Kalispell: 

Person-Centered Care: We believe that every senior is unique, with individual needs and preferences. Our round-the-clock senior care plans are customized to meet the unique needs of each senior, ensuring that they get the assistance they need while still being independent and self-sufficient.

Collaborative Caregiving: Our caregivers work closely with seniors and their families to create a collaborative caregiving environment. We recognize the importance of involving seniors in care decisions and keeping the family informed and engaged throughout the process.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Our care plans are designed to adapt as needs change over time. Whether a senior requires assistance with daily activities, medication management, or specialized care, we adjust our approach to provide the right level of support at all times.

Compassionate and Professional Caregivers: Our caregivers go beyond their roles as trained professionals – they are compassionate souls dedicated to bringing positivity into the lives of seniors. Our caregivers create a nurturing environment that promotes physical comfort and mental well-being through their dedication to in-home senior care. 

Comprehensive Care Coordination: From coordinating medical appointments to reminding seniors to take their medications, our caregivers take care of all the details to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for both seniors and their loved ones.

Promoting Social Engagement: We understand the significance of companionship and social engagement. Our caregivers actively involve seniors in purposeful activities and heartfelt conversations, nurturing emotional bonds and alleviating any feelings of loneliness.

Continuous Monitoring: With 24-hour care, constant monitoring becomes a key aspect. When it comes to noticing changes in a senior's health or well-being, our caregivers are observant and proactive. This makes it possible for early action and guarantees that urgent medical demands are met when needed. 

Respect for Routine: We are aware that routines are quite important in the lives of seniors. While making the necessary adjustments to improve general well-being, our caregivers respect and follow established routines.

Based on specialized care, teamwork, flexibility, compassion, and professionalism, our 24-hour senior care services are available to clients at any time. Our 24-hour caregivers are dedicated to creating an environment where seniors can age in place comfortably and receive the greatest care possible. 

24-Hour Care Services in Kalispell

With 24-hour home care services, your loved one can age in place comfortably. At Comfort Keepers, our caregivers visit your loved one in their home to provide care. With the help of our in-home caregivers, there is no need to transfer your loved one to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Seniors who receive in-home care can also benefit from light housekeeping and laundry help, which reduces the chance that your loved one will get hurt while performing one of these tasks on their own. 

Oftentimes, family members provide care for their senior loved one. As senior's needs change over time, family caregivers might find that they are not equipped to provide the care that they need. Our caregivers are trained to assist seniors with mobility, transferring, and positioning to decrease the risk of falls or injuries in the home. 

Your loved one can maintain their standard of living with the help of our committed caregivers, all while living in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Each senior in our care gets a unique care plan that is based on their specific requirements and preferences. People with chronic conditions, terminal illnesses, or disabilities may benefit from our 24-hour care services in Kalispell. At any hour of the day or night, our caregivers can help with:

  • Routines during the day or night

  • Care for incontinence

  • Support for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia 

  • Specialized care for those who wander or sleepwalk at night

  • Regular companionship and conversation

  • Assistance with laundry and light housekeeping

  • Respite care for family caregivers

Contact Us for More Information on Our 24-hour Care Services in Kalispell

At Comfort Keepers, our in-home caregivers have extensive senior care experience and training. Our 24-hour care programs are individually created to meet the unique needs and goals of your loved one. Two, or sometimes three, caregivers will alternate taking turns caring for seniors who need around-the-clock care to make sure that our caregivers are well-rested and ready to provide your loved one with the best care possible.

If you have questions regarding our in-home, 24-hour senior care services in Kalispell, please contact us at (406) 755-4030. To better understand your senior loved one's needs, our care coordinators are happy to schedule a free home assessment.