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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Woodland, California.

Comfort Keepers Homecare Services Includes Grocery And Home Goods Shopping in Woodland, CA, and surrounding areas

Our homecare services can make sure your loved one has everything they need to live comfortably right at home in Woodland, CA

Many seniors suffer from malnourishment and obesity because they are unable to prepare healthy meals for themselves regularly. As you can imagine, both are incredibly dangerous for older adults and should be put into check as quickly as possible. If you are worried about your loved one not getting the nourishment they need to stay healthy, looking into homecare services could help your loved one in the long run.

As seniors get older, they may begin developing one or more chronic or degenerative condition like Alzheimer's disease or arthritis, which can make going to the store impossible. For example, seniors with arthritis may not be able to lift bags for long enough to transfer them to the car. On the other hand, seniors with Alzheimer's disease experience memory loss and confusion, which can make getting regular meals very difficult.

Thankfully, with homecare services, your loved one will be covered. A caregiver can seriously help improve your loved one's quality of life by helping them get the groceries and other home supplies they need.

At Comfort Keepers, our unique brand of caregiving is called Interactive Caregiving. Our homecare services approach focuses on helping seniors find a way to continue participating in day-to-day events like grocery shopping. Even if your loved one is not able to go to the store, they can be included. They can help their senior care services professional make a list of groceries to get.

Grocery and home shopping are part of our companion care program. This part of our services focuses on companionship and doing things together with your loved one. Grocery and home shopping is a great opportunity for this.

A Comfort Keeper can help your loved one:

  • Get ready to go out
  • Get in and out of the vehicle
  • Find what they need in the store
  • Carry their items into the house
  • Put them away in an area that is easily reachable

Your loved one can either go to the store with their caregiver or send them to the store with a list. Our caregivers will do their best to accommodate your loved one’s abilities and preferences.

There are a number of ways homecare services can improve your loved one's life and grocery and home shopping are just one. To find out more about senior care services available in Woodland, CA, please give us a call today at (530) 285-1603or contact us to learn more!

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