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September 21, 2015

Medication works only when it is taken.

Complying with prescriptions becomes increasingly difficult for seniors as the number of medications they must take increases. The problem is magnified for seniors who have memory problems.

A family caregiver or licensed professional can help seniors manage their medications, providing reminders and setting up systems that help seniors stay on track with their pill-taking. Here are some methods we recommend to help you keep your life organized:

  • Med boxes or pill organizers, which are available in a variety of configurations at most pharmacies and health care suppliers, are great for organizing pills. The plastic organizers are divided into compartments for each day and each dose. Some are labeled by time of day, others by meals. Family caregivers can help their loved one set up a color-coded labeling system to make it easier to use.
  • Medication blister packs, which are offered by many pharmacies, contain a week of medications arranged by day and time of day. Each compartment of the blister pack is filled with the medicine prescribed for that time.
  • Medication organization devices, such as Comfort Keepers®’ SafetyChoice® Medication System, simplify the process of organizing medications and helping seniors take each dose on time for optimal health. It provides reminders in three ways—an automated voice, a display screen and flashing lights. If a dose is missed, the system sends an alert to the Comfort Keepers Central Monitoring Center, which notifies a caregiver or other individual designated by the senior. The system has a locking storage compartment that limits access to one dose of pills at a time. The compartment can hold three to four weeks of medicine organized by a family caregiver or licensed professional.
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