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Valentine’s Day can be either a hit or a miss for some people. Some love the chocolate, the candy, the flowers but others might dread the day because they might not receive any gifts or even a card. Luckily, in Keene, NH, the Comfort Keepers® Franchise is participating in an outreach program called Comforting CardsTMthat supplied elementary aged children with the opportunity to create Valentine’s Day cards for seniors!

The program is designed to bridge the gap between the Senior generation and the current youngest generation. They delivered over 2,000 cards this past weekend. The cards were delivered to lift the spirits of Senior’s whom may or may not have family and/or friends in the area. Comfort Keepers established the program wanting to not only bridge the two generations but foster a sense of well being and appreciation for both generations.

Comfort Keepers of Keene provided the students with construction paper, glue and decorative items in which they were then encouraged to draw and color their own art for the unknown recipient.

“We hope this program puts a smile on both seniors and the children’s faces,” said Kate Bosley of Comfort Keepers of Keene. “For many of these seniors this may be the only Valentine’s Card they receive.”

The cards were delivered to various senior housing facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities, local case managers of Medicaid programs, hospice agencies and clients of the Comfort Keepers of Keene the weekend before Valentine’s Day!

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