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One of many ways to help seniors stay mentally active

In today’s society, the constant battle of staying mentally sharp is one of the nation’s leading health issues. As innovation in technology and learning new medical knowledge continues to grow, the life expectancy for the average person grows as well. Longer life spans heighten the chance for deterioration of the brain’s cells, which communicate information throughout different parts of the brain. Unfortunately, the retrograde of these cells is due to the natural wear-and-tear of aging.

However do not lose hope! There are numerous ways to help prevent damage to communicating brain cells. Several medical professionals agree the best thing for maintaining cognition among seniors is by staying physically and mentally active. One of the best ways to actively work the mind and body is spending time with the grandchildren! Children have so much energy and will keep you moving, whether it is playing a game of hide and go seek, catch out in the yard, or reading several books throughout an afternoon.

A great activity to do with the grandkids during the holidays is to build gingerbread houses. The construction can be as easy as using cardboard to create the houses and using markers and cotton balls to decorate, or as detail-oriented as homemade gingerbread cookies and using gumdrops, icing, licorice and any other kind of candy for decoration. Check out the picture below of an example of a house, which was created by a franchisee!

This is just one of a plethora of ideas that can be used as a way to keep seniors sharp!

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