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Alcohol Consumption Monitoring

Published: Apr 15, 2013

The tradition of alcohol could be causing problems in your Senior’s health. There are many occasions in our society that have always involved the consumption of alcohol. For some Seniors, they may think they can drink the same amount of alcohol they always have but in reality, that is no longer the case. As we get older, our bodies break down alcohol slower therefore it remains in the body longer. Age also causes the amount of water we have in our bodies to decrease resulting in a higher overall blood alcohol ratio when we drink. Aging also lowers the body’s tolerance for alcohol so that we experience side effects like slurred speech or lack of coordination more easily, even if we only drink a little bit.

Do you know how to reduce the amount of alcohol in your Senior?

  1. Explain the side effects their body will experience as they age and consume alcohol.
  2. Try a non-alcoholic beer or make a weaker drink.
  3. Bring non-alcoholic beverages to gatherings where your Senior will be offered alcohol.
  4. Do not force your Senior to stop drinking, it is a gradual process.
  5. Ask for support from other friends and family to help reduce the amount your Senior is consuming.

Have you noticed a change in your Seniors health that causes them to not drink alcohol the same as they used to? 


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