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Understanding Breast Cancer

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

What Your Aging Mom Should Know About Breast Cancer

Adult Care Services in Waukesha, WI discuss what you can do to help your senior parent prevent breast cancer 

Although breast cancer survival rates have been on the upward scale for years thanks to raising awareness about early detection and prevention, breast cancer is still one of the most widespread types of cancer affecting millions of women in the United States alone and one with the second-highest mortality rates.

In an effort to help decrease the number of breast cancer-related deaths, Comfort Keepers Home Care promotes raising awareness about this serious disease. Our aim is to educate older women and their family caregivers about various preventative measures, screening tests, and available treatment options. 

Breast cancer is a disease characterized by an abnormal growth of breast cells, usually developing around the milk ducts and milk lobes. The most common risk factors for breast cancer include old age, family history of breast cancer, radiation therapy in the chest area, alcohol consumption, and others. That is why early detection of breast cancer is pivotal in improving one’s chances of fighting the disease with a positive outcome. 

As one of the early preventative measures, Comfort Keepers Adult Care Services experts suggest frequent self-examination techniques in order to detect any irregularities as early as possible. If not already, your senior mom should make it her routine to regularly check her breasts for any unusual signs such as lumps and masses. Other signs of breast tumor include soreness of the breasts or nipples, red and irritated skin tissue, and nipple discharge. 

Comfort Keepers Adult Care Services also recommends that your loved one schedules regular appointments with her medical team. Although your senior mom may examine herself frequently, certain screening tests are a more reliable way to detect cancer. The mammogram test is one of the most effective ways to spot breast cancer. It is used for early detection or to provide a detailed scan of the breasts, which can help determine the best treatment course. 

When breast cancer is diagnosed, various treatment solutions are available, depending on the progression and stage of cancer, as well as the age and medical history of the patient. The most common treatment options include surgery, radiation or hormone therapy, and chemo. 

At Comfort Keepers, we provide a wide array of in-home care solutions, enabling seniors to lead happier, healthier lifestyles and maintain their vitality and independence for longer. If you would like to know more about Comfort Keepers Home Care solutions, contact our local office today. We are at your service!