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Senior Mind

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Senior Mind: Home Care Agencies Promote Mental Health in Sioux Falls

How home care agencies like Comfort Keepers of Sioux Falls, SD can help seniors keep their minds engaged

When it comes to the aging process, most of us have some knowledge of what to do to help with the physical aspects of growing older. Exercise and staying active are vital tools for keeping the body healthy. Did you know that the same logic applies to your brain? The mental symptoms of aging can be mediated through mental exercise and activity. Working with home care agencies can help to ensure that your aging loved one has access to the activities, socialization, and hobbies that are an important part of staying mentally active. And yes, Comfort Keepers can help your loved one right here in Sioux Falls, SD and the surrounding area. Call us at (605) 638-9791.

Increasing mental activity

Getting your brain enough exercise looks different for all of us, but mental activity generally means opportunities to engage in complex thoughts, interact with others, solve problems, or do creative tasks. That’s why good home care agencies will recommend outings, social time, craft projects, and other activities as a regular part of a care plan. 

Choosing the right pastimes

Your aging loved one may already enjoy activities that promote mental health. Any kind of creative arts or crafting, solving puzzles or crosswords, or enjoying community activities or activities at a senior center all provide stimulation for the mind. Home care agencies can design a care plan that incorporates the right kind of activities for your loved one, the activities that are best suited to their interests, abilities, and preferences. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Mental health and physical health are interrelated, so it’s important to remember that taking the best possible care of our physical selves helps us to maintain good mental health, too. Care providers can help your aging loved one manage their daily habits to encourage good physical health, including medication reminders, meal planning, linens changing and laundry, or personal hygiene services. 

Growing relationships with others 

Another important factor in maintaining good mental activity is the opportunity to socialize with others. Seniors who live alone are at an increased risk of loneliness and isolation, which can lead to negative mental and physical health outcomes. Getting services from home care agencies mean that your aging loved one has the opportunity every day to connect with a trusted provider and has help accessing community centers, events, and activities. Caregivers can provide mobility assistance, transportation, and assistance in accessing social opportunities for your aging loved one.

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