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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Westerville, Ohio.

Elderly Care At Home & Light Housekeeping in Westerville, OH

A clean and organized home can improve the health and safety of your loved one

In a perfect world, your aging loved one would need little or no help with taking care of their home and you would be able to give them what little help they do need. But, quite often, this is not how things work, and as your loved one ages they need outside help to stay in their home. Typically, one of the first things seniors need help with are chores around the home. Housecleaning can entail a lot of lifting, bending, and going up and down stairs, which over time becomes more and more difficult. At Comfort Keepers in Columbus, OH, we provide elderly care at home that can help your loved one with the chores that give them the most difficulty.

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Caregivers Provide More Than just a Housekeeping Service

When all your loved one needs is just some help with the chores and meals, it could be tempting to think that you could hire someone in to do just that. But there is a risk in doing so, and advantages in hiring a caregiver instead. As your parents age, their health may improve slightly with help, but over time, they will likely need more help not less. Having a professional from Comfort Keepers has the added advantage of having a well-trained experienced help who can keep watch over your loved one.

This caregiver is likely to be the first one to notice if your loved one needs more help than they are getting. They will also have an eye out for their client’s safety, ensuring there are no hazards in the home that could cause injury. And when the time comes for your loved one to need more help, the same person that they have grown to trust can likely provide that elderly care at home for them.

Comfort Keepers Will Engage Seniors

No one likes to feel like they can no longer take care of themselves. For seniors, adjusting to the necessity of help with housekeeping can be difficult. Our caregivers work to engage seniors during their time with them. In some cases, this may mean that your loved one may be invited to participate in housekeeping chores or other aspects of their care. This not only serves to help seniors feel useful and involved with their own care, but it also helps them to stay active which can help them stay healthier longer.

Companionship is an important part of care as well, so caregivers are mindful of this as they spend time in your loved one’s home. Conversation, looking at photos and reminiscing, or helping your loved one with a puzzle can become an integral part of Comfort Keepers time in their home.

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