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In-Home Senior Care in Akron, OH

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According to surveys by the American Association of Retired Persons, more than three-fourths of older adults want to stay in their homes as they age. Home is where our memories are made and where we feel most at ease. Comfort Keepers understands the natural attachment that people feel for their homes, which is why we specialize in providing senior care at home in Akron for your aging loved one.

Why Senior Care at Home Is the Best Choice

By 2040, 48 million Americans aged 65 or older will be the heads of their households. With elderly people making up such a large proportion of the population, Americans must come together to ensure their safety and well-being. While local governments can do their part by maintaining safe communities, families shoulder the primary responsibility.

However, many young and middle-aged adults are too busy with their careers and their own young children to devote themselves to personally providing the care their aging loved ones need. Luckily, residents of Akron can turn to Comfort Keepers for help in this endeavor.

In-Home Senior Care Helps Your Loved Ones Feel Comfortable

As more Baby Boomers and Generation Xers reach retirement age, their families are finding out why partnering with Comfort Keepers for senior care at home is the most compassionate choice. They see how secure their loved ones feel at home, surrounded by their familiar possessions, in the neighborhoods they have always known.

They observe the dignity and independence their parents and grandparents maintain and feel good about the connections they keep with their communities. In short, families that choose in-home care in Akron know in their hearts that they have made the right decision.

Companionship Helps Reduce Seniors' Stress

Scientific studies also confirm that in-home senior care has many benefits for your loved ones. Especially when they are experiencing memory issues or are having difficulty completing day-to-day tasks, having someone to help them makes the difference between good days and bad ones.

Those with in-home assistance are happier, experience less stress and loneliness, and feel more satisfied with their lives overall. We take special care of our Veteran clients who have served our country. We offer Veterans home care services to help them out where they need it at home, taking special account of their mental health to alleviate loneliness, stress, and isolation. 

How We Care for Your Loved One

The health and happiness of your loved ones are our primary concerns. We offer a number of helpful services as part of our senior care at home.

Watching Out for General Well-Being

Our compassionate caregivers will remind your loved one to take their medicines on time and make sure that they eat healthy meals. Because we are your eyes and ears when you cannot be with them, we will immediately report to you any symptoms or warning signs suggesting your loved ones may need medical attention. We will also keep an eye out for any possible safety risks, especially for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Assisting With Household Tasks

Another purpose of our in-home senior care in Akron is to provide help with routine household tasks that older adults may struggle with. For example, we can tidy up the house, lock the doors, wash dishes, and change bedsheets. We can also run errands that might be inaccessible to an older person, or that might take them all day to accomplish. Without having to spend their limited energy on these tedious tasks, they are free to fill their days with activities they enjoy.

Providing Personal Assistance

We also offer dignified personal assistance with basic hygiene, dressing, and incontinence care. We provide aid in getting into and out of the bathtub and support when walking. We understand that these mobility issues can be embarrassing for adults who are accustomed to doing everything for themselves, and we are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and compassion when helping them accomplish these everyday tasks.

Building Friendships

We understand that the elderly need companions, not just caregivers. We form real friendships with our clients through our companion care services by talking to them and spending quality time with them doing meaningful things. Examples of pastimes we might do together include the following:

  • Preparing and eating meals

  • Participating in hobbies such as gardening, playing games, or sewing

  • Watching favorite television shows

  • Going for walks

  • Looking at photographs

  • Listening to stories and asking questions

What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to the emotional well-being of our clients. Your loved one will look forward to the companionship our visits provide. And the consistency and professionalism of our care will make you regard our staff as members of your extended family.

What To Expect When You Contact Comfort Keepers

When you contact Comfort Keepers about senior care at home, the first thing you will notice is that we will listen to all the details of your loved one’s current situation. We know that decisions about aging parents and grandparents are emotionally difficult, and we are here to support you. We will answer your questions and explain the types of specialized home care for seniors we offer.

We will do an in-home consultation to evaluate the types of structural changes that will make it possible for your loved ones to continue in their current location. If they require wheelchair assistance, then we may recommend actions such as widening internal doorframes or installing lifts for indoor staircases. However, most of our suggestions are inexpensive modifications, such as the following:

  • Additional or brighter lights in parts of the house

  • Handrails in the bathtub and next to the toilet

  • Ramps leading to the front door

  • Rug and carpet tape

  • Threshold ramps between rooms

When it comes to setting up a schedule for care, expect us to tailor our services to your unique situation. Depending on the level of care that clients require, we can make weekly or daily visits, spend the night with them, or stay with them around the clock with our 24-hour care services. If your loved one has cognitive impairment, such as what's expected when dementia or Alzheimer's are involved, our caregivers are specially trained to work with clients who experience these conditions or other memory problems. We also provide temporary relief for regular or family caregivers who don't want to stop giving care but need a break with our respite care services, as well as post-hospital care for clients who have returned home from a hospital stay and need a little extra help recuperating comfortably at home. 

We will readily readjust our schedule to yours in case of illness, special occasions, or other unexpected events and will periodically reassess client needs.

How To Get Started With In-Home Senior Care in Akron

Since our humble beginning in 1998, Comfort Keepers has steadily gained a reputation across the country for quality senior care at home. Contact a member of our staff today by filling out our online form or by calling us at (330) 922-4721. We will answer any questions you have about our services and the care we can provide for your loved one.