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5 Ways Lighting Affects Seniors' Health

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Lighting impacts our vision and how well we can see in any given environment. According to scientists at the Lighting Research Center, proper lighting can enhance task visibility for the aging eye, augment healthy sleep, and decrease the risk of falls. Seniors have an increased risk of falls due to failing eyesight. With changes in health as we age, lighting in our environment plays an even more important role. Loved ones and senior care providers can greatly impact the health of seniors by being strategic in the lighting used in those types of environments. Consider the following five ways that lighting affects seniors' health.

Regulates Body's Internal Clock

Many older adults have a difficult time sleeping peacefully at night. Lighting can play a big role in helping seniors get better sleep at night and wake up more refreshed and ready to conquer their day. With improved consistent sleep cycles, they will excel in their structured routines each day. Brighter light during the day can stimulate the mind. While low light in the evenings before sleep can cultivate a calming effect to allow seniors to fall asleep more easily.

Daylight Improves Mood

Our body has a biological cycle or circadian rhythm, that is centered around light that mimics daylight. A senior home that is dark and dreary will not help seniors have the happy mood they need to make it through the day. When lighting a senior's home, it is important to install LED lighting that provides adequate natural bright light in the daytime hours. Seniors will feel more comfortable and want to participate in daily activities and engage with other seniors.

Decreases Risk of Falls

When the right LED lighting systems are installed, glare issues are reduced. This helps to reduce the risk of falls. Many seniors have failing vision, and any glare issues from lights can become a huge problem. Take care to find the optimal lighting that promotes the right ambient illumination for all hours of the day, so seniors are safer as they move their homes.

Enhances Task Visibility

There are tasks during the day that seniors will need to perform that can be difficult with failing vision and poor lighting. Adding optimal lighting systems will help seniors to see better when getting ready for the day, eating meals, and enjoying recreational activities with other residents. Approximately 85 percent of our time is spent indoors. This is especially true for seniors who do not spend a lot of time outdoors in natural daylight. With the right brightness and color contrast of lighting in a room, seniors will feel more comfortable completing tasks each day. They'll enjoy tasks like sewing, knitting, or reading, even more, when they can see better.

Decreases Tiredness During the Day

Proper lighting in a senior's home works well to decrease tiredness during the day. When the right ambient lighting is installed, residents will have improved concentration and motivation to stay active during the day. They will be more prone to engage with others with warm, yet bright lighting illuminating the space - rather than seeking seclusion and getting tired.

Use lighting in the right way to enhance the overall experience of seniors so they can live their best life. Seniors will sleep better at night and have an improved mood during the day. With the right lighting, glare is reduced and fall issues are decreased. Task lighting effectively helps seniors excel in daily tasks, which decreases depression and helps them feel more accomplished. They will not tire as easily because of lighting that promotes activity and engagement with others.

Five Ways Lighting Affects Seniors' Health