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Testimonials for Comfort Keepers In Home Health Care in Maple Grove, MN

What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers® In Home Health Care in Maple Grove, MN

Are you a current client of Comfort Keepers or do you suspect your family in Maple Grove, MN may be in need of in home health care?

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in home health care provided by Comfort Keepers of Maple Grove, MN—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become a Comfort Keeper® themselves. Read the testimonials for our loving care services below and please let us know if you are pleased with our care. 

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We got involved with Comfort Keepers after my mom fell and needed much more care than her assisted living facility could give her. Our main caregiver, Mirriam, was with her all through the Pandemic lockdown, all through hospice care and was with her at the moment of her passing. She was an Angel on earth for my family through this heartbreaking time when our visits were so limited due to Covid. She was there. She cared for my mom as if she were her own mom. We are so very grateful.

Mary Jane A.

The Comfort Keepers team is truly amazing. From the first phone call to on-going care for your loved ones. Knowing that they will be there when you can't is a huge relief. It's so difficult to see your parents aging and not able to do what they once could but having Comfort Keepers on your team makes a huge difference. Thank you!!!!

Dana D.

Comfort Keepers has been wonderful to work with!  They have been responsive to the needs of my parents and to any questions I have had.  Everyone is very pleasant and genuinely likes their job and the people they care for.  I would definitely recommend them!

Carol L.

My experience with Comfort Keepers has absolutely exceeded my expectations. The office staff is excellent. It's easy to tell how much they truly care about my needs. Scheduling is flexible, which is important to me because I only need help for eight hours a week. My caregiver is amazing. She always has a cheerful disposition and it's easy to see she has a desire to help people in many different ways. I had two joint replacement surgeries and the care I received afterward was professional and compassionate. I was able to request extra hours for a few weeks, then go back to my regular schedule. I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone who needs some extra help for themselves or a loved one.

Lisa B.

I worked at Comfort Keepers for about two years, and I really enjoyed my time there. The care team is extremely friendly and kind, and they were incredibly welcoming towards me from the start. They maintained reliable communication with me and were always quick to respond to any questions I had. It made working at Comfort Keepers even better. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in a caregiving or related position. I will miss working there!

Jake O.

I cannot say enough great things about my family's experience with Comfort Keepers In Home Care. From the moment I placed my first call to them seeking information about their care giving services I was immediately put at ease. My Mother was put on hospice care for her kidney disease and owner Jennifer walked me through both the entire hospice process as well as how Comfort Keepers works hand-in-hand with hospice to provide the most comfortable and compassionate care for a loved one at home. 

That was exactly our experience with the amazing caregivers that provided 24/7 care for my Mom. She had significant needs and the caregivers handled her situation with the dedication and warmth that you would want your mother to receive in her final months. They were comfortable with family coming in and out and calling regularly when we couldn't be with my Mom. 

My Mom really enjoyed their company, which made the family feel good about things. One of the caregivers even met us the day after my Mom died to give us a sympathy card. Let's just say we were 100% satisfied and would recommend this company again and again.

Elizabeth Nimmo

We are so lucky to have Kelly and her staff as sponsors of the Fridley Senior Program. They are very knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise and educate seniors to keep them healthy and as independent as possible.


We really appreciate the service received from Comfort Keepers. The gals you have coming to our apartment are the best. Always cheerful, willing to help and doing a great job.

Curt H. from Maple Grove, MN

Dear Comfort Keepers, The service I received while recovering from my injury have been outstanding. You were warm & professional and always looked for extra to do. They even walked my dog until I was strong enough!

Robert L. from New Brighton, MN

Comfort Keepers is an organization that truly keeps both the individual and their family members first in their mission to provide care. When we needed a couple hours a day to provide lunch for my parents; they were there, when my mom was released from the hospital and needed extended hours of care each day; they were there. After five years of service, we needed to place my parents in a memory care unit. The great staff at Comfort Keepers provided our family the support we needed from home to a long term care facility, with a level of care that we always trusted. Thank you to all the staff at Comfort Keepers!

The Carlson Family from New Hope, MN

Dear Comfort Keepers, Your caregivers are trained well and have hearts of compassion. Your cheerful and helpful attitudes were an answer to our prayers. We highly recommend your excellent standard in care!

The Rubis Family from New Brighton, MN

Dear Comfort Keepers, Thank you for your patient, loving and reliable care of my mother. You made such a difference in her final months – to her and to me. If you ever want a referral I’m happy to sing your praises!

Susan S. from Roseville, MN

Dear Comfort Keepers, I want to thank you for all that you've done for my mother in these past few years. Your caregiver visits have helped sustain her physically, mentally & emotionally, and allowed her to maintain her independence; a gift beyond measure."

Eva S. from Maple Grove, MN

Our Comfort Keeper became like member of our family over the years she took care of my parents. She took such great care of my folks - and had FAR more patience with my Dad than any of the rest of his family had, and could get Mom to do things for herself that none of us could do. She really was worth her weight in gold! We are so grateful for her- she made a difference not only in my parents quality of life, but in all our lives, and even my 4 kids and my aunts and uncles all felt she was family!

The Lapsinski family from New Hope, MN

We are blessed to have an agency that does 24 hour care, because without that, Mom would have had to move to a nursing home and it would have been very hard on her. Instead Comfort Keepers has freed us to have a life, help her enjoy her life more. Over the years they have sent such good loving people, each is so qualified and caring.

Joyce E. from Fridley, MN

I have known and referred comfort keepers for as long as they have been in business. They have compassion and care for there clients and caregivers. They will care for your parents and relieve the stress from the children.


Comfort keeper is a very good and interesting company to work for ,and also is a very good place to record man to take care of your family love ones, grandparents and children

Marina K.

Caring team of employees that put a smile on clients faces. As an 8 yr employee of ComfortKeepers not only am I involved with clients but also other caregivers. I hear from clients how much they enjoy all of the TLC they receive from their other companions. I will sign my elderly family members up with the Osseo team when that time comes.

Ruth F.

My caregiver is very helpful. She makes my bed, goes to the store for me, makes me food, and vacuums. She helps with many different jobs. In the summer time we go out for a car ride to see the flowers. It’s nice to have her.

Ruta P.

They have always been really helpful when I've needed them. The people that come out have been a great fit.

Betty C.

BEST JOB EVER! I love the management team and the caregivers are amazing. I met a lot of great people working for Comfort Keepers of Osseo.


Comfort Keepers has helped me a lot. Without them I couldn't take care of the house or my laundry. My caregiver is a great person and she is very helpful. She takes me to the store or the bank when I need to go. She makes sure she's very cautious when helping me go out and always reminds me to use my cane. She helps with vacuuming too. I would recommend them.

Karen R.

No complaints only singing deafening praises. Jamie joined us at my nephews wedding reception at an Apple Orchard in Minnetonka. She was cheerful, friendly and ready to jump in and help. My father who is in the later stages of Vascular Dementia took to her right away. She treated him with respect and dignity. She brought peace and a period of relief to my mother his full time caregiver. Jamie's assistance allowed my mother to take in and enjoy all the activities and entertainment. My father, Richard, has not stop talking about to this day. God has truly given her a gift to care for those who are in need just a little assistance to continue on with life's priceless moments. My whole family Thanks you for making this a experience.

Catherine K.

I called home today while caregiver was there. I just wanted to make sure all was going well. She told me, they were playing chess. I was so excited. Chess is my husband's favorite game in the world. I could hear in his voice how happy he was about playing. This would stimulate his mind as well as bring joy to his day.

Susan C., Brooklyn Park, MN

Thank you for sending me such a great caregiver. She is such an amazing person and I couldn't have done it without her and all your help.

Kim L.

I was having a tough time in my life as my wife of 64 years had passed away recently. I had moved into an apartment for the first time in my life and it was not much fun until I was told about Comfort Keepers. Rachel came to be my caregiver and life changed greatly. Having her around 3 days a week for 3 hours was just super, in fact, I feel spoiled. My clothes were washed, bed made, and meals in a crock pot. We also go shopping together. I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers to help others around their homes too!

Arnie M

Comfort Keepers took care of my wife,and I could not be more pleased with them. Every day they were with her, I knew she was in good hands. My experience with Comfort Keepers has been just great. I would feel blessed to have our caregiver back in our life again."

Daniel L.

What a wonderful staff they have! My father needed overnight care for a few days until the nursing home had a room for him. The Owner and Care Coordinator did a home visit to meet our family and learn what our needs were. They were so kind. They determined my father was a good fit for the caregivers they have. The caregiver that came (Nita) was truly an excellent fit. She was delightful, went above and beyond & quickly earned the trust of my father and family. She was upbeat, kind, patient & did a wonderful job! What a relief it was for us to be able to sleep knowing my father was well cared for. I can't recommend them enough.

Mary K., Maple Grove, MN

My mother was in a nursing home and wanted to go back to her apartment after she was placed on Hospice. Comfort Keepers provided 24-hour care for her so she could be where she wanted to be. I was especially grateful for Jennifer. She was so capable and said handling the oxygen was no problem - which was a huge relief for me. She always knew what to do and was with us when mom died. She Is a very special young woman who I hope will go on & be a nurse.

Kay Kramer, Columbia Heights, MN

My mother was in a nursing home and wanted to go back to her apartment after she was placed on Hospice. Comfort Keepers provided 24-hour care for her so she could be where she wanted to be. I was especially grateful for Jennifer. She was so capable and said handling the oxygen was no problem - which was a huge relief for me. She always knew what to do and was with us when mom died. She Is a very special young woman who I hope will go on & be a nurse."

Kay Kramer, Columbia Heights, MN

Comfort Keepers are EXCELLENT! 1st Class! They made my wife’s life better. I was so happy that our Parish Nurse recommended them. I will recommend Comfort Keepers to my friends and people at church!

Gary Engen, Mounds View, MN

Our caregiver Mark was so kind and caring with my husband. He was a good listener and we will certainly recommend Comfort Keepers.

Shirley Martin, Maple Grove, MN

This note is to tell u how wonderful we think Annabel is. She goes so far above taking care of Joan H. at Silvercreek senior building. We are residents who have coffee in the community room every weekday at 9:00am. This is about the time that Annabel is leaving the building. Somehow Annabel started stopping in to say hello each morning. There can be as little as 5 residents or as many as 20. Annabel gives each and every one of us a hug. What a great way for seniors to start the day! Each of us feel we have a new granddaughter. Be sure to know if any one of us need home care, Annabel will be the only one we would ask for. You are so lucky to have such a great employee, thank you.

9am Coffee Crew

I am so grateful my sister had 2 extra years in her own home! She got to go on outings, listen to the piano, teach caregivers her favorite recipes, have her dog Mo with her and gained loyal friends. They prayed with her and provided her love and friendship 24 hours a day for over 2 years! I am forever grateful and pray you are all blessed with love and success.

Rosalie Standing, Minneapolis, MN