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5 Habits to Improve Senior Health and Wellness

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5 Habits to Improve Senior Health and Wellness

Check out these 5 habits that can help improve senior health. 

Maintaining your health and wellness as you age is important. There are so many healthy habits to incorporate into your day that it may feel overwhelming when deciding what to focus on. 

We have gathered up 5 healthy habits to help improve your health and wellness as a senior

5 Habits to improve senior health and wellness


Throughout our lives, we have been told the importance of exercising, and as we age, the benefits are far more significant. Staying active into the senior years of your life will help to maintain mobility, boost mental health, sleep better, heal faster, and are a helpful tool for the prevention of falls. 

This all sounds great, but if you are new to exercising or it has been some time since you have been physically active, you will want to take it slow. There is no reason for jumping into a strenuous workout and putting yourself at risk of injury. 

Find something that is enjoyable for you that will keep you moving. You don’t have to spend an hour on the elliptical or lift heavy weights if that’s something you really don’t like doing. Exercise can look like working in your garden, going for a 20-to-30-minute walk in the morning or after dinner, attending a yoga class, taking up water aerobics, going for a scenic bike ride, or anything else that gets your body moving and feels good to you.  

Working with an in-home caregiver can help make safe exercise a priority. 

Cognitive exercise

Staying mentally fit into your senior years is crucial to help stay sharp and slow down cognitive decline. 

Find things that make you flex your mind that you enjoy. If you are experiencing vision loss, trying to play cards might not be ideal, but you can play a trivia game with someone else. Keeping your abilities and likes in mind is an excellent place to start. 

Some things you can do to keep your brain sharp and your cognitive abilities working at their best are:

Get crafty. If you love to craft, it is the perfect way to give your brain a workout and spend your afternoon. Doing crafts involve hand-eye coordination and the use of your fine motor skills. There are so many crafts you are sure to find something to your liking and ability. A few ideas are knitting, colouring, sewing, beadwork, making decorations, working with clay, painting, and scrapbooking; there are countless crafts to keep you busy. 

Change your routine. You don’t have to change your entire routine. That’s too stressful, but changing small parts of it can really give your brain a workout. Switching to your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth or hold your fork is great for challenging your brain. You could also try driving a new way home or putting your shoes on reverse from how you usually do. 

Play some games. Playing games and doing puzzles is an excellent way to engage your brain and keep it active. You have a lot of options to choices that will suit what you like and your abilities. A couple of ideas would be crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, trivia games, scrabble, bingo, chess, cards, sudoku, word searches, and checkers. If you are tech-savvy, you can play many of these games online with your friends or other people around the world. 


Staying social is a great habit to help with your health and wellbeing in your senior years. Finding ways you enjoy socializing is key. You can join groups like gardening clubs or walking groups to socialize and give your body and mind a workout at the same time. Invest your time in something you enjoy; you are more likely to meet others that enjoy the same activities. 

Working with an in-home care agency is another great way to access companionship. At Comfort Keepers, many of our clients use our services to connect with someone on a regular basis. 

Take preventative measures

Taking preventative actions when it comes to your health is always a good idea, but as we age, it is crucial. Staying up to date on all your immunizations and doing all the screenings recommended for people in your age group are great preventative measures. You can talk to your doctor about what type of vitamins or supplements you may benefit from. You could also find a dietician to help you get the most nutrition out of your diet and ensure you are eating a well-rounded diet that fits your lifestyle. 

Doing whatever you can to prevent yourself from developing common illnesses associated with aging or to slow down the process of any ailments you may already have will help improve your health and wellbeing. 

Stay in contact with your doctor

This doesn’t mean you need to call your doctor for any ache, pain, cough, or sneeze, but staying on top of your doctor appointments can help to catch any issues that may arise before they become serious. If you come from a family with a history of certain illnesses, it would be best to talk to your doctor about regular screenings, appointments, and lifestyle changes that can help you to stay in control of your health. 

Keeping up with regular vaccinations, including seasonal ones like the flu shot, are also important to ensure you are protecting yourself from getting seriously ill as best as possible. 


Entering your senior years doesn’t mean your health will decline. Implementing a few habits into your daily life can help combat age-related illnesses and ailments. 

5 Habits to Improve Senior Health and Wellness