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Types of Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Woodland, California.

Types Of Senior Care Offered By Our Home Care Company In Woodland, CA

Comfort Care home care company can provide your seniors loved one with companionship, personal care, and more

If you are looking into home care options for your senior loved one, you might have noticed that there are a lot of available care solutions for seniors in Woodland, CA. Choosing the right one for your parent or relative’s needs is of paramount importance, as it can help them maintain independence, improve overall well-being, and even prolong their life.

The business models behind home care include agencies, registries, and independent caregivers. Whether you choose a home care company or opt for a care provider from the newspaper ads, care for your loved one can include any number of services, such as:

  • Personal care, including bathing, toileting, mobility assistance, feeding, and more.
  • Companion care, including meal preparation, running errands, light housekeeping, transportation, and more.
  • Specialized care, including dementia care, end of life care, transitioning home care, and more.

Let us now take a look all three business models available in home care.

Employment-based agencies – Basically any home care company with employees is an employment-based agency. What makes this model convenient for seniors and their families is that the companies are responsible for every single aspect of service, from screening the caregivers and providing them with adequate training to overseeing their work and covering fringe costs, such as taxes, insurance, and more. Employment-based agencies also strive to improve their services at all times in order to stay competitive, providing their staff with mandatory courses and additional training. For the greatest majority of seniors, a home care company is a perfect care solution, as they do not have to worry about anything, just receive the care they are paying for.

Registries – Unlike employment-based agencies, registries do not employ caregivers. They do not pay their taxes or insurance, they do not oversee their work, and they do not provide training. Registries do run background checks, but other than that, everything else is up to the client. So, basically, registries are matchmaking services that connect caregivers with people in need of care. After matching your loved one with a care provider, their work is done. While some people may want to be in complete control over their care, dealing with taxes, training, supervision, and more, for a lot of seniors and their families, this is just too much work.

Independent caregivers – As implied, independent caregivers are people who work independently, that is, they are not connected to any home care company or registry. Again, this means that the client covers all the fringe costs, runs background checks, and also acts as a supervisor. Keep in mind, though, that an independent caregiver can be virtually anyone – it can be a family member who is willing to take on the responsibilities of caregiving and learn more about the job along the way or a person recommended to you by someone who used their services before.