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Fire Prevention

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Home Care Providers Reduce Fire Hazards In Your Loved One’s Home

Home care providers discuss how your loved one can prevent fires within the home this winter

The importance of fire safety cannot be stressed enough. Seniors have an increased risk of getting severely injured or even dying in a fire due to reasons such as slow reaction times, limited mobility, impaired senses of smell or vision, side effects of certain medication, and other factors. 

However, as Comfort Keepers Home Care Providers point out, most fire hazards are completely preventable. By following these fire safety/risk reduction instructions, your senior mom and dad can significantly improve safety in their house. 

Stay Safe while Cooking 

Unsafe cooking is one of the leading causes of house fires. For this reason, remind your loved one never to leave the stove or over unsupervised, avoid wearing loose clothes that can easily catch fire, and keep flammable materials such as paper or towels away from a heat source. Keeping a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen is also a good idea. 

Smoke Responsibly 

Smoking in the house can be extremely dangerous. If your parent is a smoker, Comfort Keepers Home Care Providers recommend that you encourage them to quit this detrimental habit or at least practice responsible smoking habits, such as never leaving a lit cigarette unattended. 

Install & Maintain Smoke Detectors 

If your senior mom or dad doesn’t already have smoke detectors in their home, now is the perfect time to install these devices to enhance safety. Additionally, make sure the smoke detectors are cleaned every once in a while and that the batteries are charged. For older adults hard of hearing, it is also a good idea to test the alarm to see that it is loud enough for them to hear it. 

Check Wiring

Faulty or damaged electrical wires and overloaded power-sockets present a serious fire risk. To prevent any accidents, remind your loved one to switch off any appliance or device when they are not in use. Have a professional electrician inspect the cords and fuses throughout the house to minimize any potential risk. 

Develop an Emergency Plan

Though prevention is the key component in fire safety, your parent should have an escape plan prepared just in case. Comfort Keepers Home Care Providers suggest that you go over the escape plan with your loved one so that they know exactly what to do in a case of an emergency. You can even keep the escape plan on a notice board or the fridge. 

Ask for Assistance 

If you require any additional information about fire safety and prevention, please call our office today. We can schedule a home safety assessment and discuss how Comfort Keepers Home Care services can help your loved one improve safety at home. We are here to help!