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Comfort Keepers' National Day of Joy

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The National Day of Joy Comes to Williamsport, PA and the Surrounding Area

Come Celebrate the National Day with Comfort Keepers in Williamsport, PA 

The National Day of Joy was created in 2019 as a day for all of us to stop and take a deep breath. Comfort Keepers is a proud sponsor of this celebration of the joyous things in our lives held in towns and cities across the nation. We and many other co-sponsors of this special day have been noticing the increasing number of people who have become so embroiled in their lives along with all the negativity and stress it includes. The number of people suffering from depression is skyrocketing, yet in many cases looking for and finding the joy in our lives can go a long way towards relieving the stress and anxiety we feel. 

News of the inaugural Day of Joy and the happiness it helped to create was soon featured on television and radio. Even the newspapers and magazines published articles depicting the effects this event had on those who attended one of the many events held around the nation, including Williamsport, PA. The town held a drive-through lunch complete with a box lunch. 

Many of our care at home caregivers took advantage of this event to take their clients on an outing and "treat" them to lunch. Our senior clients certainly seemed to appreciate the day out, sharing not only the box lunch but also the pure joy of mutual companionship. We carefully choose our care at home caregivers for their training and skills. Each is also screened for one more incredibly unique attribute, a friendly and joyous personality. 

Your Body Needs a Little Joy

There are many reasons for a person to feel lonely and depressed, but no matter the reason, these feelings can lead to poor physical and mental health. Outings such as these and the joy they bring make our hearts beat stronger, which in turn pushes more oxygen to our brains. The extra oxygen causes our brain to release endorphins that help reduce much of the worry and stress of our daily lives. 

We encourage our caregivers to take their clients to special events such as the National Day of Joy and any of the many other outdoor activities in the Williamsport, PA. Participating in activities such as going to the local fair and sitting in the photo booth together and getting their pictures taken.,  Just watching families have fun is an excellent way for our care at home providers and their clients to form a vital bond that often leads to each feeling as though the other is a member of the family. 

We All Feel Different Levels of Joy

During the inaugural National Day of Joy events, we asked adults in different age groups questions designed to determine their level of joy. At the bottom are those ages 18 and 29, in the middle are those aged 45 to 60. Surprisingly, those who reported the highest levels of joy were people over the age of 60. 

When talking to the adult children of those who are enjoying Comfort Keepers care at home service tell us, is that when their loved one embraces the joy of living, they tend to worry less about them. As a leading provider of senior care at home services, Comfort Keepers offers a comprehensive selection of services designed to help improve their clients in Williamsport, PA, overall quality of life, and our goal is to help our clients find a little extra joy in their lives.