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Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Call (570) 281-8084 | 1323 E 3rd St, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701 Coronavirus update
1323 E 3rd St, Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701 Coronavirus update

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Interactive Caregiving Enhances Our Personal Care Services in Williamsport, PA & the Surrounding Area

As our distinctive approach to personal care services, Interactive Caregiving improves upon typical care by engaging Williamsport, PA seniors.

As you grow older it is not uncommon for people to tell you to “slow down” or “take it easy.” Comfort Keepers® knows that this is often the last things seniors want to hear. You have spent most of your life working on your hobbies and passions and we know that you want to continue pursuing these well into your golden years. There might be new physical, mental, or emotional challenges to overcome as you gain more life experience, but with the proper assistance and personal care services, you can overcome these obstacles and make the most of the next stage in your life.

What is Interactive Caregiving?

You were probably wondering what we mean when we mention Interactive Caregiving. To put it simply- Interactive Caregiving describes the unique way in which Comfort Keepers® delivers personal care services to you. This model defies the traditional “caregiver and care recipient” standard of care, transforming our services into more of a partnership between you and your caregiver. Interactive Caregiving strives to provide care that engages you physically and mentally.

What does this mean for you? It means a stronger, more cooperative relationship with our care professionals and a general increase in your quality of life. Rather than doing everything for you, our personal care services will help you to get things done around the home and engage you in your daily life. Caregivers can help you take a walk or bike ride, prepare meals, play games, or simply spend time reminiscing.

Interactive Caregiving can offer you many benefits, and research shows that physically and mentally active seniors have better health, are generally more positive, and experience improved mental acuity. Our Interactive Caregiving model has proven that:

  • Active minds encourage a better attitude, independence, physical and mental health, and a longer life.
  • Safe and supportive living environments prevent illnesses and accidents.
  • Physical activity maintains the strength of muscles and bones and can lessen the effects of aging.

You can take advantage of our Interactive Caregiving by contacting our office to schedule an in home consultation. Our care professionals will work with you to create a custom plan of personal care services that will help you improve your physical and mental health while remaining independent. Schedule a consultation today.

Give us a call at (570) 281-8084 to learn more!