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Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

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The Valuable Solution For Senior Mobility Issues Is In Home Care in Columbus, Westerville and the Surrounding Area of Central Ohio

Highly-focused in home care for seniors that can assist with their mobility and help them thrive independently at home

Comfort Keepers is a dedicated in home care agency in Westerville, OH. Our commitment to the city's seniors is to provide the best possible care to enrich the lives of our clients and their families. We provide vital services and unique solutions to assist our elderly care recipients. We help them to maintain the best possible standard of independent living and lifestyle.

As well as the more general caregiver services, we also offer qualified and experienced support for people with mobility issues. This includes professional transferring & positioning for those who need help in these delicate areas of home help and support.

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Mobility Solutions

Aside from a lucky few, mobility issues are a predictable sign of the aging process. And the older we get, the more problematic mobility can become. This often means moving around the home and doing daily tasks gets more difficult or impossible even.

Typical senior mobility problems often include:

  • Unsteadiness on the feet, especially walking
  • Difficult getting in and out, and on and off, furniture, i.e. beds and chairs
  • Risk of falls: requires an in home care safe environment assessment
  • Joint problems, muscle weakness, pain
  • Disease
  • Neurological problems

All these things and more are things that contribute to problems with senior mobility. Although each case is different, Comfort Keepers has vast knowledge and experience on senior mobility issues. We how to make the home lives of elders more content and much safer. That last point is particularly important. Falls are a big problem in a lot of senior's homes today. Many of these accidents are preventable simply by making the home environment safer. Safety in the home is something our caregivers working in home care solutions take very seriously.

Proper Transferring And Positioning

Our Comfort keepers have received special training and gained valuable experience in this crucial area of care. They know how to move and position clients in precise posture positions. This is important for senior comfort. It also helps to promote health and safety, along with the proper functioning of the body's numerous systems.

Proper transferring and positioning benefits the care recipient in the following four ways:

  1. Reduces pressure on sensitive areas
  2. Lessens muscle stiffening and weakening
  3. Promotes proper breathing
  4. Aids better digestion

Contact us to learn more about our invaluable services in home care for the seniors of Columbus, Ohio. We can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your in-home care options and perform a home safety assessment if you'd like one. Our professionals can often identify potential fall hazards that residents don't spot.

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