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Why Home care for the elderly in their own homes is a good option?

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Rochelle Park, New Jersey.

Why Home care for the elderly in their own homes is a good option?

Aug 25, 2019 by Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park

Our elders are growing with increasing time-span and, it's our duty to look after them and fulfill their needs. What would they expect at this point of time? A little affection from your side and some comfort they would prefer while being taken care of.

This includes some caregiving, routinely serving of meals, spending some time with them and making them feel delightful and cheered-up. Where does the solution to all of this lie? It might be a bit challenging to look after your family as well as the elders at the same time due to the busy life-schedule you are occupied to.

There are different ways that avail us to take care of our elders and give them the right amount of attention they deserve. You might know which are they In-home care or Assisted living, but which one to opt? Now, let's find out what’s better.



What is better for an elderly?

Firstly, if you want your elders to stay comfortable, then look after their emotional needs. They have grown up and will want to spend time with their family at home. They deserve the love and affection they expect from you. It may not be validated to them staying at Facilities.

Instead, if you hire a home care agency, they will provide you a qualified caregiver who will treat your elders luxuriously by getting his requirements fulfilled and look after their needs and necessities, Which means everything an elder receives will be accessible within the walls of their comfort.

If the elders at your home are socially active then they may like staying in facilities, but there they would lack personal attention and certain necessary things will be missed. While the caregiver at home can fulfill all its wants and can also avail them socially and keep active along with you and your family present at home.

The role of a caregiver at home is not only to take care of them but to keep them active and happy by keeping them active even by staying at home. The ultimate motive it derives is to be taken care of within comfort and with the loved ones. So, why to keep them away from the world of love. 

If you are lacking in something and still looking about how would it benefit your elders under the supervision of caregivers then the mentioned pros/cons will make it precise for you?

Home Care Agency

Assisted Living 

The senior gets to remain in the comfort of their own home and among their loved ones where it keeps them emotionally satisfied
New Caregiver needs some time to adjust with senior needs.
Your elders will get to socialize with their kind of people and they wouldnot feel lonely staying among them.
They might lose the freedom and independence of undertaking activities, as the routines of elderly homes remain to fix.
The seniors, along with their family and caregiver, have someone who can look after them and take care of their health as well as social needs.
All the caregivers won’t be available full time. You will have to discuss with them before getting them to the duty.
The responsibility of looking after them will be subtracted as they are not at home, which will help you focus more towards your family and goals.
It would get difficult for the elders to develop a bond with a single caregiver as the people looking after them might change frequently.
Your dear ones receive more attention compared to assisted living facilities.

Seniors may not get enough attention which they need.

They might get emotionally sad about not meeting their family members.

They will have to adjust themselves to the quality of bed they sleep on, the washrooms they bath in and the food they get to eat.

These were a certain number of perks and limitations that will favor you in figuring out that which among them might be preferable for your elderly. The requirements of your seniors should also be considered and it should be taken care of regarding their own perspective that would mentally keep them happy.

In case you are still not sure, then it might be because of the misconceptions you have about in-home care providers. It's normal to have them, but it should be clarified if heard at some point in time, because it can mislead you and make you fall into a false dilemma. You may go through these and get it clarified.

MISCONCEPTIONS About In-home Care for Seniors 


A caregiver might be professionally available to take care of the elders at our home and will be experienced enough to look after them who would find that what most of the problems elderly people have in common and what’s the solution against it. Family members and friends can support the elders emotionally but not physically or as per their needs.


This might be a fact, as it is obvious that to look after your elders the amount would be spent by you and it might cost you higher. The facilities provided by the caregivers would be equivalent to the number of fees they will be charging. Nothing more, nothing less until the services other than the care of elders will be rendered from them. The professionals giving you the service might charge according to their experience and skills.


It might be true, as the person allocated the responsibility of elders should be humble and organized, but people have some wrong ideas about them being fraud, cruel or not so sincere about their work. Well, we are not the ones among them, we ensure you the trust of hiring them and make sure that you will not have to worry about your elders who are under the supervision of our caretakers.


Your patience and care for the elderly have brought you here till the conclusion, deriving an idea of letting a caregiver given a chance to take care and look after the needs of elders. 

Here at Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park, NJ, we have some highly trained professionals and concerned caregivers who believe that Duty to serve others is a kind of blessing to be received. 

The caregivers that we provide will allow a good companionship to the elders and keep them socially active along with looking after their health and make sure that whatever needs or requirements they need to get fulfilled, will be done the way they desire to. 

So if you are in Paramus NJ or in Wayne NJ or any other location in NJ get in touch with us. We are one of the best home care agency in NJ. You can check what people have to say about us here. Let's join hands and make your elderly's life better in your own home.