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At Home Senior Care in Oakland, NJ

As seniors age, they start to need assistance managing their Activities of Daily Living [ADLs] such as bathing, toileting, managing hygiene, feeding, and other daily activities. With their increasing age, it becomes difficult for them to manage these routine chores all by themselves.

Thanks to our in-home senior care service in Oakland, NJ provided by Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park NJ, seniors can keep up with these activities and more, and live independently at home. Our highly qualified caregivers provide in-home care and they make sure that your loved ones are comfortable and satisfied with their care.

How Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park, NJ can Help?

Our caregivers can provide services such as In-Home Care, Respite Care, Transitional Care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Interactive Caregiving and End of Life Care.

In-home Care

In-home care includes assistance to the elderly in activities such as personal hygiene and grooming. Our caregivers provide guidance and aid in bathing, toileting, dressing, meal preparation and feeding, and other basic duties that your loved one might not be comfortable doing on their own anymore.

To maintain a healthy life, seniors must have their meals and take their medications on time so the body can be protected and fight against any infections or environmental changes. Our caregivers can prepare your loved one’s favorite dishes throughout the day and can provide adequate medication reminders to keep your senior on schedule.

Our qualified caregivers can also help with some light housekeeping to help the seniors live independently in their own homes.

Respite Care

Being a responsible member of your family, you might have to leave your loved ones alone at home sometimes because of work related or other daily duties, such as parents meetings or kids' activities. In such situations, our qualified caregivers can come to you or your loved one’s home to take care of your elder for those specific hours and handle their needs with careful attention and perfection.

Our clients even rely on us when the family caregiver needs a break. Clients are more than happy to trust our agency, Comfort Keepers, as we hold the reputation of being the best home care agency in the region.

It doesn’t matter whether your loved one needs a companion for a few hours a day or 24-hour, around the clock home care, our caregivers will be there with a helping hand and open heart. Because of the humble and nurturing nature of our caregivers, senior members of the family won’t feel your absence while you are away.

Transitioning Home Care

Several instances such as heart surgery, pneumonia, falling accidents, etc. start to occur more often as a loved one ages, and they may require treatment at a hospital. Doctors, PAs, and nurses take great care of seniors while they are admitted to the hospital, but most of the time, your loved one wants to get back to their own home. The transition home after discharge when your senior is still recovering can sometimes be difficult to do on their own. Fortunately, Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park offers a transitioning home care service for you and your loved ones after a hospital stay.

Our caregivers come to you or your loved one’s home, look after your loved one’s health, and perform other duties such as providing them medications as per their doctor’s prescription and helping them with light exercises as per their physical therapy prescription. Our caregivers can even manage subsequent doctor’s appointments and follow-up visits, as well.

Our trained caregivers listen carefully when they are given instructions by family members about the senior’s needs to maintain your loved one’s well-being. They make sure that the quality of care your loved one received in the hospital will not be downgraded at home.

Interactive Caregiving

Loneliness is one of the major causes of anxiety and depression. Elders living alone and with limited mobility miss many opportunities in which they can interact with another person. Our caregivers, being humble and calm, give your loved ones the comfort of interacting and speaking out whatever lies within. The companionship formed between your loved one and their caregiver from allowing open conversations forms a bond of trust between the caregiver and the elderly, where both can share their life experiences and some funny stories.

Our caregivers also play indoor games with your loved ones to keep them mentally active, engaged, and refreshed. Keeping your loved one's body and mind active even helps to defend against memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

In addition, our caregivers can take seniors to nearby places around the Oakland, NJ community, as there is so much to do and so much your loved one can get involved in. Our caregivers can provide safe and dependable transportation and companionship to places like local parks including the Riverside Nursery, to Churches like St. Paul’s Episcopal Church or David the Prophet St. Karas Optic Orthodox Church, and grocery stores like Shoprite and Stop & Shop, where they may find someone to socialize with and refresh.

End of Life Care Service

We know how difficult it can be when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Our end of life care service is designed for elderly people who are suffering from a terminal illness.

Our caregivers provide moral support to family members in this tough time that they are going through. Our caregivers can be a helping hand in keeping your loved one comfortable in their last moments and also in managing arrangements once your loved one passes away.

At-home senior care services that your loved ones can receive through our caregivers is the best of its kind. Our screened and highly trained caregivers have the professional experience needed to know how to deliver quality care while providing the comfort that every senior expects and deserves.

The calm and mature attitude of our caregivers will help in forming a comfortable and genuine relationship with your loved one, which in turn will allow them to speak out their requirements which helps caregivers do their jobs more efficiently.

We, Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park, NJ, the best home care agency around, are right around the corner from you in Oakland, NJ to look at the needs and requirements of your loved ones. For us, it is an honor and a privilege to provide care for your loved one and to help make their lives both happier and healthier.

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Comfort Keepers truly cares about their clients. They were so patient with our family while we decided how to go about caring for my mom. Once we hired them, I found their caregivers to be professional, compassionate, and skilled. I would recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone in need of care services.

Karen R.

Our one motive is to keep your loved one happy and comfortable in their own home by giving them the kind of companionship they find healthy. It will be an honor for us to serve your elders.

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