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Home Care Agency in Kinnelon, NJ

Love and warmth from our loved ones are basic emotional requirements of all human beings. It is the love and care we get from those we love that gives us meaning and direction in our lives. But there are times when we can fall short in providing such care to the ones who have always been there for us, our seniors. They need us the most in their old age, but we cannot always make enough time for them with our busy work and day-to-day schedules. However, there are places and people you can turn to for professional help while allowing your loved one to stay in the comfort of their own home, rather than relocating.

Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park NJ, has been serving the borough as the best home care agency in Kinnelon, NJ for a long time now, a suburb where seniors share 12.2% of the total population according to US Census. Our efforts as a home care agency and the dedication of our caregivers have helped our clients to stay comfortable and independent in the comfort of their own homes.

Our intensely screened and trained caregivers know what will make your senior happy. With lots of experience with professional caregiving, our caregivers can provide various services according to the needs of your loved one, which includes:

  • In-Home Care
  • Respite Care Services
  • Transitioning Home Services
  • Interactive Caregiving
  • End of Life Care

In-Home Care

In-home care can be a multi-purpose help for the elders who wish to stay with their family or wish to stay in their own homes. Our caregivers give companionship to your loved one while fulfilling his or her requirements and needs all day or night long. They look after senior members by reminding them to take their medication as per the doctor’s orders and on schedule, they prepare and serve them their favorite meals, they perform light housekeeping, and they assist with mobility and other Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and personal care activities such as bathing, grooming, toileting, maintaining hygiene, and dressing. Your loved one will receive the best care possible from our caregivers in order to help them live a happy and healthy life.

Respite Care

For some seniors, it can get lonely for long hours of the day when their family members are not around, as they may be out at work or fulfilling their other responsibilities of the day. During these hours, elders may feel restless, insecure and even anxious at times.

Our caregivers can help your loved ones during the short times when you are not at home. During your absence, they will provide the same sort of companionship, care, and assistance that you would want them to provide their own family member. Along with this, our caregivers may also look after their emotional and mental needs. They can be a friendly companion to the seniors through sharing pleasant memories and stories and by allowing your senior to speak their hearts out. Having this help from our caregivers will prevent your loved one from ever feeling lonely.

Whether it’s for a few short hours a day while you run out and do your duties, while you work, or just to take your loved one to an appointment or out for fresh air, our caregivers at Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park, NJ are here to help.

Transitioning Home Care

As our elders age, they can start to be affected by diseases that may require hospitalizations where they can receive quality treatment under the supervision of doctors, PAs, and nurses. Once they are discharged, seniors need a smooth transition home, as they might not be able to live completely on their own as soon as they are back.

This is where our caregivers can help. Our caregivers are here to assist your loved one with whatever it is they need in the transition home, including mobility assistance, medication reminders, maintaining personal hygiene, providing physical support during exercises, and much more. The attention and supervision from our caregivers can make the transition, from hospital to home, as easy as possible for your loved one.

Interactive Caregiving

Seniors expect a little love, care, and affection from their family members. They wish to spend some quality time with kids and grandkids, but hectic life can sometimes get in the way. During these times, our humble caregivers can help.

Our highly screened caregivers are friendly by nature and can connect immediately with the elderly. They join seniors in pleasant conversation and exchange genuine memories and stories. Our caregivers, modest at heart, will make elders feel comfortable so that your loved one can engage themselves in a conversation that can be about their own hobbies, their current affairs, or even some personal stories that they are sharing with a friend and caregiver, all in one. Our caregivers may also play some indoor games with your loved one and narrate stories and jokes to keep up their mood.

Our interactive caregiving program can also help seniors suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. As elders age, these diseases become more and more prominent, and it is important to keep their minds active in order to keep them healthy. Your loved one will be able to spend good time with our trained companions who will keep their minds busy and vigorous with different activities and conversations.

Our interactive caregiving program also provides opportunities for your loved one to get out of the house and get into the Kinnelon community. Our caregivers provide reliable and dependable transportation and guidance to and from your loved one’s favorite places around town, including parks such as Silas Condict County Park or Kinnelon Recreation Departement, churches such as Lady of the Magnificat Roman Catholic Church or Community Church of Smoke Rise, and grocery stores like Stop & Shop, where little socializing and some fresh air can put seniors in a good mood.

End of Life Care

Our caregivers, professionally trained and experienced in the field of caregiving, can assist the elderly when they have a terminal illness. It is always an emotional and tough time for family, and we here to help in any ways we can.

Our caregivers understand this situation and know how to take care of the elderly in this difficult time, as well as tend to family members by talking to them, helping them through, and assisting with basic housekeeping activities so family members can spend as much quality time with their loved one as possible.

Our caregivers can continue to help after a loved one’s passing. Our Comfort Keepers help families deal with grief and assist with tasks such as organizing personal items and moving belongings. Our caregivers are even there just to listen to family members if they need someone to talk to.

These are just some of the senior caregiving services that the Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park NJ, the best home care agency in Kinnelon NJ, provides.

Our caregivers are patient, humble and calm so that the elderly can enjoy their company. Each and every client has different needs, and we are flexible enough to match the requirements and create individualized care plans. We can provide either full-time caregivers for your loved one, who will deliver the best care around the clock or part-time caregivers, who will provide the services needed as per the decided time slots and number of days you finalize. Our caregivers won’t disappointed you or your loved one and would provide your loved one the kind of quality comfort they deserve and need.

We believe in fulfilling and exceeding our client’s expectations and giving them what they desire. The elders of your family need love, affection, and attention to stay happy. Our caregivers, with their friendly and humble nature, will be able to help your loved one lead a happy and healthy life.

Let us help your seniors fulfill their desires and find their happiness within. Comfort Keepers of Rochelle Park, NJ is here to serve happiness to your elders.

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My caregiver is a very special person. She is most considerate of my needs and has deep regrets when things don’t work as planned. I enjoy her company very much. She has the unique ability to anticipate my needs before I do. She should receive special recognition for her extraordinary skills, compassion, and services.

Jane S.

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