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In-Home Senior Care in Rochelle Park, NJ

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Your older relatives cared for you and made sure you were safe for the first stages of your life, so now it’s time to keep them secure as they age. When this time comes, families should consider senior care at home in Rochelle Park, NJ, for their aging loved ones’ needs. Comfort Keepers offers a variety of in-home care services for seniors so that they can remain independently and comfortably in their homes for as long as possible.

What Is Senior Care at Home?

Comfort Keepers provides home care for seniors in Rochelle Park, NJ. In-home senior care services are centered around supporting aging individuals who live alone in their homes. In-home senior care aims to support your loved ones with daily living tasks and other essentials, and Comfort Keepers has a variety of service offerings for seniors who need extra support in their lives.

Home senior care supports the idea of aging in place. This is an option for elderly people who don’t want to give up their homes and move into senior apartment living or an assisted living facility. Seniors who stay in their residences may need extra support with daily or weekly visits from care providers with Comfort Keepers. We partner with your family to provide services to your aging loved ones.

Why Should I Choose In-Home Senior Care?

According to the National Poll on Healthy Aging, 88% of adults from ages 50 to 80 thought it was important to stay in their own homes. When it’s possible for your aging loved ones to continue to live at home, Comfort Keepers may be able to help. There are many reasons why seniors could benefit from staying in their own homes and using senior home care services. Here are reasons why you may want to choose in-home senior care for your loved ones:

  • Social - Seniors who stay in their neighborhood homes can still enjoy quality time with their friends and family.

  • Personal - As your loved one's age, they may feel more empowered and independent if they are able to stay in the family home instead of moving to a nursing home.

  • Comfortable - Continuing with the same routine in the family home may also help boost memory in clients suffering from dementia and other aging individuals.

What Services Do Comfort Keepers Provide?

Clients living in Rochelle Park, NJ, can access different levels of in-home care for seniors from Comfort Keepers. We have a team of dedicated caregivers with different skill sets who are capable of assisting your loved one with their daily routine. Check out some of the common services our clients request from our caregivers:

  • Conversation - Sometimes our loved ones just need someone next to them to talk to. Seniors who live alone may benefit from our companion care services, including conversation and social interaction.

  • Cleaning - Your aging loved one may also benefit from having our caregivers come over and assist with home housekeeping tasks. There are a lot of cleaning tasks that need to get done on a weekly basis, such as dusting, vacuuming, laundry, and tidying up. We can help.

  • Personal Care - Seniors may also need reminders and assistance in their personal care, such as showering, bathing, getting dressed, cleaning their teeth, brushing their hair, and shaving.

  • Safety Services- Comfort Keepers also provides safety care services to ensure your loved one is safe at home alone. We can evaluate the risk of a fall at home and make suggestions to increase mobility around the house.

  • Cooking - Cooking is another task that families can assign to our caregivers. We provide assistance with nutrition and meal prep.

  • Driving - When your elderly loved ones aren’t able to drive anymore, it may have them feeling isolated. Let us take care of their senior transportation needs so they can get out of the house.

  • Incontinence Care - If there is a need for toileting help or incontinence care, we can provide some tips and hygiene help.

  • Additional Tasks - Comfort Keepers caregivers may also be able to assist with shopping, errands, and medication reminders and management.

Why Should I Partner with Comfort Keepers?

Some families try to take on the tasks of caring for their aging relatives themselves. When you have a full-time job, kids, a house, and other responsibilities, this can be very difficult. Instead of being responsible for caring for your aging relative, another option is to choose Comfort Keepers to help.

Talk to your family to see if home care for your loved one is right for you. That way, you can focus on taking care of your own daily tasks and duties while having peace of mind knowing your loved one is not isolated and is being well taken care of. Our team of caregivers is focused on being reliable and compassionate when delivering care to our clients and their families. We treat our clients like our own family, so your family can rest easy.

How Else Does Comfort Keepers Support Families and Seniors?

In addition to our regular care services for seniors, Comfort Keepers also has specialized care for certain situations. We work with our clients to determine what type of care is appropriate for their family’s needs. Some seniors may need more dedicated care, such as 24-hour care if there is a severe fall risk or other health problems that limit mobility and function.

Comfort Keepers also provides caregiving for clients living in assisted living facilities or full-time nursing homes. Some clients may need more support than the nursing home can provide, and that’s where our team comes in. Clients may also inquire about our post-hospital care, respite care, and end-of-life care for their loved ones. We promise to bring empathy and top-level service to our clients during these stages of life.

How Do I Find Out More About Senior Care at Home?

If you are ready to get more details about our senior care at home in Rochelle Park, reach out to our team at Comfort Keepers today. Call us at (201) 880-7089 or contact us online to see what options are available for you and your family. Comfort Keepers is here to assist you, your family, and your aging loved ones so they can continue to thrive as independently as possible.