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Long Distance Caregiving: 5 Tips to Help

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Long Distance Caregiving: 5 Tips to Help

If you have found yourself needing to be a caregiver from a distance for a loved one, you are not alone. This is a common situation to be in. It’s not always possible to pack up our lives and move closer to our loved ones as they age, unfortunately. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t help and support your loved one and be involved in the caregiving process. 

We are all so connected nowadays that caregiving from a distance is not only possible, but you can do much more than you may realize. 

5 tips to help long-distance caregivers

Have open conversations

Having open and honest talks with your loved ones about what they need is necessary. Being honest with each other about concerns from both sides, yours and your loved ones will help you set realistic expectations. 

Create a schedule

Living a distance away from your loved one can make taking care of them seem daunting and maybe even impossible, but after the lines of communication have been opened, take time to create a schedule. Schedule when you will call to check in if you need to send reminders to take medications or prompts to ensure your loved one is going to bed on time. 

If you have family or friends that live close to your loved one, you may want to consider setting up an emergency plan with them in case something happens and your loved one needs help or you need them to pop in and check on them. 

You can even plan to attend appointments virtually if you feel that you need to be present at doctor appointments but are not physically able to be there. 

Make use of technology

There is a lot you can do with technology these days that we don’t need to be with someone to be with them.  

You can attend appointments virtually, reach out for help online through support groups, and even have your loved one attend appointments virtually themselves if getting out is too much for them. 

Finding resources that you can use to help make caregiving from a distance is vital. You could look for caregivers in the area and interview them through video calls if your loved one is in need of an in-home care provider. 

Stay organized

Being unable to be with your loved one while they go through a big life transition doesn’t mean you can’t make their life easier. You can do a lot online or over the phone to take the stress off your loved one. Taking care of their finances, dealing with insurance, finding an in-home care provider if needed, setting appointments, and so much more can be done from a distance. 

Showing your loved one support by giving them the freedom to get better or deal with their diagnosis will help to lessen the stress they experience. 

Don’t forget about yourself

You may think that because you are not physically with your loved one to care for them, the usual stress caregivers feel doesn’t apply to you. You could not be more wrong. Whether you are helping a loved one from afar or in person, it is stressful, and you need to take time for yourself. 

Finding as many resources to help you and your loved one will help to take some of the weight off your shoulders, but don’t forget to do something that brings you joy as well. 

As the infamous saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” You don’t want to burn out while caring for your loved one. 


Caregiving from a distance comes with challenges, but it is not impossible. 

It is very normal for people to feel guilty for not being able to be with their loved ones as they navigate this new chapter in their life, but with the five tips above, you can support your loved one while putting your mind at ease. 

Comfort Keepers can help you and your family by providing local and loving in-home care services that support family caregivers. Contact us to learn more.