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5 Benefits of Becoming an In-Home Caregiver for Comfort Keepers®

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Osseo, Minnesota.

5 Benefits of Becoming an In-Home Caregiver for Comfort Keepers® of Osseo, MN

Becoming a Comfort Keepers caregiver is more than just a career, it is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others while growing personally and professionally at the same time. Here are 5 benefits of becoming an in-home caregiver for Comfort Keepers.

Joining Comfort Keepers as an in-home caregiver is a calling and a career choice that should not be taken lightly. Comfort Keepers caregivers have an opportunity, each and every day, to positively impact the lives of others and help seniors maintain their independence, in the comfort of home. By becoming a Comfort Keeper, caregivers are making a commitment to provide the highest level of care. Joining Comfort Keepers is much more than a job, it is an opportunity to become part of a growing team devoted to providing companionship, assurance, and industry-leading care. 

At Comfort Keepers, in-home caregivers are provided the training, resources, and support that they need to be successful, regardless of prior experience level. Comfort Keepers stands behind its caregivers and provides them with many benefits and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Here are the top 5 benefits of becoming an in-home caregiver for Comfort Keepers. 

Competitive Pay and Benefits 

Because providing quality in-home care throughout MN would not be possible without compassionate caregivers, Comfort Keepers provides competitive industry pay and benefits. The benefits of working for Comfort Keepers, located in Osseo, include PTO for PT and FT employees, health education and care training, holiday pay, mileage reimbursement, flexible schedules, one on one client support, client-caregiver matching, and a team that welcomes each other.   

Opportunity to Work One on One with Clients 

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a Comfort Keeper and working as an in-home caregiver is the ability to provide in-home support to one client at a time. Working with one client at a time allows a caregiver to build a trustworthy relationship, better understand the client, get into a routine, and provide higher-quality personalized care. Most Comfort Keepers agree that this is a huge benefit of becoming an in-home caregiver and allows them to better manage their time, provide better care, and eliminate the stress that often comes in working in a larger care facility. 

Work from Home Environment 

Unlike working within a senior care facility, becoming a Comfort Keeper allows a caregiver to work within a client’s home. Working within a client’s home often feels more personal, is more convenient for both the client and the caregiver, and helps to create an atmosphere where a routine and care plan can be quickly implemented. 

Franchise with National Support 

Comfort Keepers, located in Osseo, is supported by the Comfort Keepers brand. Because Comfort Keepers is a franchise system, each individual office is provided with resources, a tried and true process, and the support of a nationally recognized brand in the in-home care industry. Working for an industry-leading franchise provides caregivers with peace of mind that the organization they work for has a successful business plan and model for care. 

Unique Interactive Approach to Care

Comfort Keepers has a unique approach to in-home care, called Interactive Caregiving. The goal of Interactive Caregiving is to communicate with, involve, and engage seniors, and other adults, in everyday tasks and activities. Through Interactive Caregiving, Comfort Keepers aims to promote healthy aging at home. This unique approach to care provides many benefits to Comfort Keepers caregivers. First, it allows caregivers to accomplish tasks “with” clients, instead of “for” clients. Second, through Interactive Caregiving, Comfort Keepers caregivers have an opportunity to transform routine activities into opportunities to stir meaningful memories and create new ones. Finally, Comfort Keepers caregivers have a unique opportunity to learn about their clients and give them the gift of personalized, thoughtful, attention while meeting their needs. 

Interested in Becoming a Comfort Keepers Caregiver? 

Becoming a caregiver for Comfort Keepers can be life-changing. Caregivers have an opportunity to receive competitive pay and benefits, work one-on-one with clients in the comfort of a home setting, receive support from a franchise system with national support, and build strong relationships with clients through Comfort Keepers unique approach to in-home care; Interactive Caregiving. 

5 Benefits of Becoming an In-Home Caregiver for Comfort Keepers® of Osseo, MN

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